How to create a podcast website for Acast

February 25, 2021

Founded in 2014, Acast is much more than a podcast host. With a focus on publishers and advertisers, Acast is offering marketing and monetization tools for podcasters.
If you’re hosting your podcast with Acast and are looking to create your own podcast website, keep on reading. We’ll explain exactly how to do it without any coding or previous technical knowledge.

As part of your Acast hosting plan, you’ll also get a basic website for your podcast. It’s quite common to get a simple page from your host. With that being said, most hosts are not offering much flexibility when setting up your website. (for example, won’t allow custom domains or custom pages) Acast’s website solution is actually a little better than some other hosts. It allows you to have an about page, an episodes pages, and add custom links on your page.

While all of these are nice features, they are still very basic and lacking what most podcasters need to create a full website. If you want to be able to customize the website, adjust the design, add blog posts, custom pages, and a custom domain ( rather than “”), you’ll need to create your website with other tools.

Acast podcast website

The Acast podcast websites can display your episodes and links on one page. There’s also the episodes page, and a page for each episode. Here’s an example for a podcast website which was created with Acast.

Acast fresh soup podcast website

As mentioned earlier, it’s nice to be able to add custom links, redirect your website visitors to your social media profiles, and display a basic page with the episodes, but it’s probably far from what you really need for your website.

Several key features are missing. Here are examples for just a few: a way to design your website differently than the other podcast websites, adding custom pages and blog posts, and integrations with 3rd party tools.

The “About” page that Acast is generating can’t be edited. It’s taking your info from your podcast description. In terms of settings, you can play a bit with the colors – menu background & tags colors, header color, and button color. You can’t change the layout, add different sections or custom pages, integrate with 3rd party tools and more.

Acast podcast website builder

So how can you create a podcast website for Acast in an easy and flexible way, and make it look just like you want it to? Let’s review the options below –

The easiest way to create an Acast podcast website is a website builder created specifically for podcasters and for podcast websites. It lets you build an entire custom website with capabilities and core features you need as a podcaster.

It integrates with all podcast hosting companies, including Acast (to import your episodes automatically) and it can even import the Acast embed audio player automatically. You can customize a ton of areas of the website, and connect to popular tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Twitter (to automatically post your episodes on Twitter as they are released) and much more.

podcastpage website example

Podcastpage lets you customize your design, add different custom pages, change the audio player settings, and more.

To create the website, you just need to add your RSS feed from Acast. Podcastpage would then automatically pull all of your episodes and keeps it up to date in the future. In just under 2 minutes you’ll already have a website with your episodes, show notes, artwork, episode pages, and more. You’ll be able to select a professionally designed template as well.

Next you can add your subscribe and social links, connect your own custom domain, and adjust any other area as needed.


We highly recommend podcasters to create their own podcast websites. There are so many benefits to your show that come along a good podcast website. With a custom website, you can control your brand and have a direct relationship with your listeners. You can apply several monetization opportunities, or provide different types of content for your audience.

If the default Acast podcast website is too basic for you, don’t hesitate to build a podcast website on Use the best podcast website builder that can help you achieve the website you need, without much effort.

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