How to create a podcast website in 2021

Making your own podcast website includes so many benefits. There are lots of podcasters who want to have a site, but don’t think they have the time or expertise to create a podcast website. Now here’s some great news: building a podcast website has never been easier! Setting up a site literally takes a minute….

Best podcast analytics and statistics tools

Seeing the impact of your work is always motivating after all the effort you put into planning, producing, recording, editing, and publishing your podcast. Podcast analytics or stats can help you get a better understanding of your work and ideas to push your podcast further. In its simplest form, podcast statistics show you how many…

How to upload your podcast to Apple Podcasts (iTunes)

Podcast listeners are using podcasting apps to listen to their favorite podcasts, but also to discover new podcasts. One of the most popular apps/ podcast directories is Apple Podcasts. We’ll share below everything you need to know to successfully upload your podcast to Apple Podcasts Connect (iTunes). Recently Apple Podcasts created a paid program for…

Podcast Showcase – Low Tide

Welcome back to our Podcast Showcase series! Today we are featuring Reed Kavner from the the Low Tide podcast.

Reed shares the process used to podcast efficiently, including tips, recommended tools and more.

Product update: Voice messages, reviews, and more

We have really exciting updates for you from the latest round of features added to the Podcastpage platform. Here’s a quick recap of the most recent features added to Podcastpage. 1. Voice messages You can now get recoded voicemail messages from your visitors and podcast listeners. There’s no need to integrate with any external platform…

How to choose the right category on Apple Podcasts

When you first create your podcast, you typically choose a podcast name, upload an artwork, add a description and choose a category. These are highly important for your discoverability on podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Google Podcasts, Spotify and so on. We’ve covered the importance of choosing the right podcast name, and what it…

How to choose a podcast name?

So you have a new podcast idea, or maybe you already recorded a bunch of episodes and need to come up with the perfect podcast name? Choosing a name for your show may sound easy, but you definitely need to put some thinking into it and try to choose a podcast name that can help…

How to use social media to grow your podcast?

Using social media to promote ones podcast is more than just recommended to any podcaster. Social channels can help you leverage your content, post new episodes or re-post some old episodes if relevant. It’s a great way to get new listeners to know about your podcast. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Pinterest or even YouTube…..