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February 14, 2023

Every serious podcast needs a website. However, running a podcast can be very time-consuming, and learning the ins and outs of creating your site can be challenging. If you host your podcast with and want to build your podcast website around it – this article is for you. We’ll cover the process of creating a Captivate podcast website with a simple & easy process.

Luckily, if you’re hosting with Captivate or any other host, is there to help you with the process of creating a website. It’s easy to use, and connects with any podcast hosting provider.

Learning how to create a podcast website with and Podcastpage enables you to reach a broader audience. You can use your site to get traffic from search engines, distribute members-only rewards, and share everything that you can’t do through the podcast audio alone. There’s so much benefit in creating a dedicated website for your podcast, that it’s really a no brainer. So let’s get right to it!

An Introduction to is a podcast hosting tool. You can use this service to create and upload your podcast to multiple platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Sticher, Amazon Music, and other options. On top of that, lets you create a simple website for any of your podcasts:

Captivate podcast website

Where Might Be Lacking

Even tough offers a good suite of tools for podcasters, it has some limitations around the website part that can affect how you manage and grow your show’s presence.

Captivate only offers three predetermined templates for podcast websites. Customization options are quite basic, so you might end up with a site that looks very similar to other shows. Creating unlimited custom pages or blog posts isn’t always possible. The platform won’t import your podcast reviews or YouTube videos, and it’s lacking many integrations and overall flexibility.

If you’re serious about growing your podcast, you’ll need complete control over your website. That means using a podcast website host that offers more templates and customization options, such as Podcastpage.

With Podcastpage, you even get access to a drag-and-drop builder to customize almost every aspect of your podcast site:

The Podcastpage drag-and-drop builder

On top of that, Podcastpage plans are cheaper on average than Plus, Podcastpage offers comparable features without download or listening limits for your audience.

How to Create a Podcast Website With Captivate (In 3 Steps)

If you’re looking for more control over your Captivate podcast website, Podcastpage is the perfect fit. To get started, you’ll need to sign up for a Podcastpage plan, and you can take advantage of the platform’s 14-day free trial to do so.

Step 1: Add Your Podcast to Podcastpage

If you already have a podcast, Podcastpage makes it easy to import its episodes. Once you sign up for an account, add a new site from the dashboard by selecting the Add your first site here option:

Add a new site to Podcastpage

Select a name for the website, and on the next screen, use the search feature to look for your podcast on existing platforms. The search bar can find nearly any existing podcast, and if yours doesn’t appear in the results, you’re able to import episodes from the show’s RSS feed:

Search function for Podcastpage

Podcastpage will automatically import your podcast episodes. Now let’s move on to setting up a theme for the website.

Step 2: Select a Theme for Your Podcast Website

After importing your podcast episodes, Podcastpage will ask you to choose a theme for your website. The theme selection is much broader than what Captivate offers. Plus, you can switch themes at any time, so go ahead and experiment:

Select a theme for your podcast website

After picking a theme, your website will be ready to use. Go ahead and edit the website by clicking on the Customize option in the Podcastpage dashboard under your site’s name. In the next section, we’ll walk you through how to do this.

Step 3: Customize Your Podcast Website

If you’re moving from Captivate, you might be surprised by all the customization options that Podcastpage offers. Once you get into the customization menu, you’ll be able to edit almost all of your site.

The Podcastpage customization menu includes options for editing the header and footer, changing the way the audio player looks, adding social icons to your site, and much more:

Podcastpage customization menu

Aside from these customization options, you can also use a full drag-and-drop editor on any page. To access the editor, click on the Edit button under the menu to the left.

The editor is modeled after WordPress and uses a similar block system. Choose blocks from the menu to the left and insert them by dragging over the page’s design. Once you’ve placed a block, click on it to customize it:

When you’re happy with the results, click on the Save Page button at the bottom. The changes will go live, and your podcast website is ready for visitors!


Creating the perfect Captivate podcast website is really simple – you can use and easily build a full website for your show. Podcastpage is the perfect website builder for podcasters, it offers many unique features you can easily implement:

  • Import all your podcast episodes automatically
  • Use a global/sticky audio player that keeps on playing as you browse around the website
  • Import your podcast reviews from Podchaser and Apple Podcasts
  • Import YouTube channles and playlists
  • Integrate with popular tools like Twitter, Instagram, Google Analytics & more
  • Get a full Drag & Drop page builder that’ll help you create & design full pages
  • The most beautiful podcast website templates
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