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Build a single site for your blog posts and podcast episodes

All of your content in one place.

With Podcastpage.io, you can post a full blog alongside your podcast. It doesn’t matter which podcasting platform you are using, as we support all podcast hosts.

With every Podcastpage.io plan, you’ll get unlimited podcast episodes, blog posts, and custom pages to make sure you can keep on posting as much content as you want without any limitation. 

How to add a podcast to your blog or site

Use our podcast website builder.

1. Create your Site

Create your Podcastpage.io website in minutes by just signing up to the free trial.

2. Add a Domain

Add your own domain to make sure you are in control of your podcast and blog.

3. Add Content

Automatically import your entire podcast, or start publishing blog posts.

A single platform

Publish different types of content on the same website – like your podcast and blog.

Fully managed

Forget server maintenance, configuration, or optimization, it’s all done for you.

Made for podcasters

The platform’s core features are all about podcasts, but there are many other features!

Blog & pages

Add unlimited blog posts or custom pages to your site.

Custom audio player

Your site comes with a built-in custom audio player that looks and works beautifully.

5 star support

Our support team is always happy to help. Contact us at any time for support!

Why should you add a podcast to your site?

Grow your audience, improve SEO.

Better SEO

With more content, like a full blog and a podcasting section, your SEO score should improve.


Don’t confuse your audience by sending them all over the internet, display everything in one place.

Grow your brand

Grow your podcast or brand by displaying your podcast episodes with subscribe buttons on your site.

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