Embed podcast audio player

Add custom and embed audio players to your podcast site

Embed a podcast player in your website

Easy and automated, with Podcastpage.io you can completely customize the built-in audio player, make it play continuously across pages or use an embed audio player from your podcast hosting provider.

Let your listeners enjoy your podcast with a great audio player, skip through the episode or change the player speed.


How to customize your podcast audio player

Choose between custom, sticky or embed audio player.

1. Custom Audio Player

Adjust the colors, controls, and much more. You fully control your audio player on Podcastpage.io

2. Sticky Audio Player

Add a continuous audio player to stick across your site. Your listeners could keep listening while browsing around!

3. Embed Audio Player

Import an embed audio player from your podcast host. (automatically import embeds from 20 providers)

Podcast site embeds

Add as many embeds for your website without losing a beat. Our platform automatically imports embed audio players.

Flexible audio player

Choose between many audio player options to make it look exactly how you want it to – customize everything or change your player.

20+ podcast hosts

Automatically pull your embeds from 20+ supported hosts. Easily paste your own code otherwise.

Share buttons

Add share button to your podcast audio player. Make it easy for your listeners to send the episode they liked across social media.


Add timestamps (37:52) to your show notes and automatically make these work with your Podcastpage audio player.

White-glove support

We created our podcast website builder to be super easy to use. We are always here and happy to help if you need!

Podcast host embed players

We currently support 20 podcast host players

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