How to add your podcast to Stitcher

October 20, 2020

If you want your podcast to reach more people, you may want to consider adding it to Stitcher. Besides the usual suspects like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and so on, Stitcher is a popular podcasting app with a premium subscription plan that lets listeners use it without listening to ads.

They are also producing shows via the Earwolf podcast network. Just recently, Sirius XM acquired Stitcher for $325 million. Now that it’s part of Sirius XM, they have over 150 million listeners across their platforms.

Distributing your podcast to Stitcher can definitely help you grow your audience reach, get advanced analytics on audience engagement from Stitcher, and more. So how do you add your podcast to Stitcher? It’s easy, and we’ll guide you through the process –

Stitcher for podcasts

To get your podcast on Stitcher you need to create a Stitcher Partner account. Go to the Stitcher partner page and click on the Join Us Today button. It will then prompt a quick sign up walkthrough. First, you need to add your podcast RSS feed URL (if you don’t already have a podcast, you won’t have an RSS feed and you won’t be able to join Stitcher as a podcaster). You can read more about podcast RSS feeds here.

stitcher podcast signup

The next step will be to confirm you are actually the owner of this podcast. Stitcher will send an email to the email address that is listed in the RSS feed. Some hosts like and others automatically put a random email address, so make sure to put your own instead before the verification process.

Finally, you’ll have to add some basic “partner” information like name, email, and password. If you already have an account with Stitcher, you’ll just need to sign-in instead.

stitcher podcast

It might take a couple of hours until your podcast appears on Stitcher. Once your show is on the platform, it will take about an hour for the app to update and display the episode from your RSS feed.

Stitcher premium

Stitcher Premium is a paid membership that offers ad-free listening, exclusive content, and Stitcher Originals content. The membership costs around $5 per month.

You can offer some of your premium content there. Podcasters that feature their podcast there may receive a portion of the subscription proceeds.

To qualify for this revenue share program, your show mush have a minimum of 5,000 active listeners on Stitcher in a month. That’s obviously not a fit for all podcasters, but if your show is popular on Stitcher, you should definitely explore that option.

Promoting your podcast on Stitcher

You can try to get your podcast featured on Stitcher’s editorial pages to gain more exposure for free. They do get a lot of requests, but you should try to reach out to them and submit your podcast. They are looking to feature quality shows, and make it as diverse as possible. Submit request here.

What Is The Stitcher Podcast App And How Does It Work?

Conclusion – Adding your podcast to Stitcher

If you want your podcast to succeed, you must attract listeners. A dedicated podcast website is a great idea to own and control your content. If you already have a base of followers, it’s easier. Any way you look at it, adding your podcast to all apps and platforms that potential listeners are using is a must. Stitcher is one of those apps and it’s really easy to add your podcast, so just do it.

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