How to Publish a Podcast (In 3 Steps)

December 19, 2022

If you’re a regular podcast listener, you probably follow shows on platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts. However, if you’re looking to start your own podcast, you might not know how and where to upload your episodes.

Fortunately, the process is easier than you might think. These days, launching a new podcast really doesn’t involve too many barriers or require any experience. You just need to record your show (while a decent recording spacing and equipment is recommended, some even do it directly from their smartphones), then continue and publish it via your host. You can easily publish a podcast and start building a loyal following.

In this post, we’ll explain how podcast publishing works. Then, we’ll show you how to upload your podcast to popular apps. Let’s get started!

How Podcast Publishing Works

To find a podcast, users typically browse through audio streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. These platforms make it easy to find, rate, and subscribe to new podcasts:

Apple Podcasts

If you want to have a successful podcast, you’ll likely want to get on as many of these apps as possible. By making your episodes available to a wide range of listeners, you can grow your audience and establish authority in your niche.

However, these apps won’t actually store your podcast. Instead, they will play audio from files hosted on another platform.

Before you decide where to upload your podcast, you’ll need to find a podcast hosting provider. Similar to website hosting, a podcast host will keep the files containing your episodes on its server.

The right provider can give you an RSS feed link, which you can use to apply to audio streaming services. Using this web feed, apps like Apple Podcasts will know when to update your podcast with new episodes.

How to Publish a Podcast (In 3 Steps)

Now that you know the basics of podcast publishing, it’s time to get your episodes online! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to post a podcast to any major app.

Step 1: Find a Podcast Host

The first step in the podcast upload process is finding a hosting provider. These are designed specifically for podcasting, so they are built to store large media files.

At, we can help you design your first podcast website. With pre-designed page templates and automatic episode imports, our hosting plans can give you everything you need to launch your podcast:

Podcastpage hosting

Once you sign up, you’ll be redirected to a setup wizard. You can start by adding a name for your website:

Create podcast website on Podcastpage

If your podcast is already published, you can search for the name of your podcast. Alternatively, you could paste your RSS feed URL:

Import podcast to

As a complete beginner, you’ll need to add your podcast manually. Start by entering a title and description. You can also add a custom thumbnail:

Manually create podcast in Podcastpage

Next, select a theme for your website. This will determine the layout of your episodes:

Selecting a podcast website theme in Podcastpage.

Once you click on Continue, you’ll be able to access your website’s dashboard.

Step 2: Upload Your Episodes

Now, you’ll have a podcast with its own website. If you already have episodes published on your feed, they’ll automatically pull into the website and fill it out. As soon as you add new episodes via your host, those are imported to the website straight away.

If you need to manually add episodes, then in your Podcastpage dashboard, find the Podcasts tab. Here, you’ll see a list of your podcasts:

Podcastpage podcasts

Click on All Episodes. To upload a new one, select Add Episode :

Adding a podcast episode in Podcastpage.

You’ll need to add a title and slug for the new episode. You can also create a URL for the episode’s audio or video file:

Creating a new podcast episode in Podcastpage.

Using the editor, create your content. You can add media, voice messages, social sharing icons, a summary of the episode, and more:

Creating the episode content in Podcastpage.

You can also write a transcript to make the episode more accessible. Feel free to upload a featured image as well:

Adding an episode transcript in Podcastpage.

Another useful feature is the Advanced SEO Settings. This enables you to improve your podcast’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which can bring in more organic traffic to your site:

Adding your podcast SEO in Podcastpage.

When you’re ready, click on Save Episode. Then, repeat this process until you have a few episodes on your podcast site.

Step 3: Submit Your RSS Feed to an Audio Streaming App

These days, most podcast hosting providers are able to do this for you – you’ll just have to click one button and it’ll distribute your podcast to a dozen of services like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all the rest.

If you don’t use a podcast hosting provider, you may have to do this step manually. Your application process will be different based on the app you choose. Since it is a popular option, let’s look at how to upload a podcast to Apple Podcasts.

To get started, go to Apple Podcasts Connect and enter your Apple ID and password:

The Apple Podcasts Connect screen.

To finish setting up your account, you’ll need to add an Account Name and Type. You’ll also need to accept the terms of service:

Setting up an Apple Podcasts account

Once you sign in, you can upload your podcast. To do this, click on Add Show:

Adding an Apple Podcast

For the next step, select the option to Add a show with an RSS feed. Hit Next to continue to the next page:

Choosing a show type in Apple Podcasts.

Finally, paste the RSS feed URL that you copied earlier:

Adding the RSS feed URL in Apple Podcasts.

Once you add your podcast, you’ll be able to review its details, contact information, and content rights. After submitting your application, Apple Podcasts will review your show to make sure it aligns with its content guidelines.


An important part of podcasting is understanding the publishing process. Even if you want your podcast displayed on popular audio apps, you’ll need to find a hosting platform for your show. Then, you’ll be able to list episodes on platforms like Apple Podcasts.

To recap, here’s how to publish a podcast:

  1. Find a podcast host and connect it with Podcastpage to create your website.
  2. Upload your new episodes.
  3. Submit your RSS feed URL to an audio app.
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