Linktree for podcasts? You’ll be better off with an alternative

October 22, 2020

Linktree and other “Bio” types of webpages have emerged in the past few years. Many podcasters, creators, brands and individuals are publishing their “main” link via social profiles. These bio-pages or link-tree pages then simply include several outgoing links to multiple platforms.

Many podcasters are using Linktree to promote their podcasts, but is this a good solution for podcasters? In this article, we check how Linktree can help podcasters and why some alternatives could be potentially better specifically for podcasters.

(If you don’t know how Linktree looks like, here’s a basic example)

Linktree for podcasters

Podcast on Linktree

Lots of podcasters are creating Linktree-type pages for their podcasts. They then share their Linktree link on social media, and include links to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, social media sites, merchandise vendors and so on.

It’s a quick and easy solution for podcasters, but can have many disadvantages you should think about before creating a Linktree or any “Bio” links/pages.

For example, you cannot really point to a custom domain, unless you use an expensive premium plan. Even with the paid plans, there’s very little customization you can do. Eventually, you don’t really have a complete website, but just a few links that takes your visitors to other places.

From our experience around the web and podcasting specifically, we realized how important it is to keep your website visitors on your website instead of driving them to other places. This is important for growing your podcast audience, controlling your brand, increase engagement with your listeners, and much more.

A complete podcast website is the perfect alternative to Linktree pages. For podcasters, the easiest solution is to use a real website builder dedicated for podcasters. We created exactly for that.

Linktree alternatives for podcasters

If you’re a podcaster, you should really consider alternatives for Linktree. It may be a quick or temporary solution for you, but it’s definitely not the obvious choice for serious podcasters.

A dedicated podcast website is really a must nowadays. We wrote an in-depth article about the main reasons you should create your own podcast website here.

Many podcasters still use sites like Linktree, podlink, plink, podkite, podsite and other solutions which offer very basic customization options (or none at all), and are simply not suited for podcasters with long term goals in mind.

Comparing podcast websites with “Link” sites

You may wonder why a dedicated website is so much better than a “mini-site”? Well, there are many answers. First and foremost, when you have a full podcast website, you can keep your visitors there and not send them directly outside of your platforms.

Many podcasters have yet to realize this important point – you should never send your listeners directly to other platforms without offering them anything on your own website.

For example, you can post a link on your social profiles directly to Spotify or Apple Podcasts (iTunes). It’s true, most people would just hit the link and try to listen on those platforms and drop out later. The next day, they may already forget what your podcast was called or where they can find you.

With your own website, and your own URL/domain, your podcast is now part of your brand and you have more control over it. People can play your podcast episodes directly from the website. You can offer more content (downloads, images, videos, blog posts, merchandise and more) and give more value to your visitors.

Additionally, the Linktree or bio pages are usually too basic, and won’t allow you to add your own content. You cannot even play the podcast episodes on some of those pages, so it’s important to give your listeners a better overall experience.


While Linktree and other solutions can be tempting for podcasters to quickly share their podcast episodes, it may be a better idea to share your own site with your own domain.

Keeping your website visitors within your own platform is a much better idea when comparing to sharing links to other domains or promoting your podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

A true website makes much more sense. Luckily makes the process of creating a podcast website so easy and fast!

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