How to Create a Podcast Website with Megaphone (In 3 Steps)

November 27, 2022

Since it’s owned by Spotify, is obviously a great platform to host, distribute and advertise your podcast. Once published, you can expect your podcast to instantly be available on all major platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts. However, creating a podcast website for Megaphone hosted podcasts can be a different story. Megaphone does offer a simple landing page for your shows and episodes, but it’s not really a solution you can rely on and build your brand on top of that.

Fortunately, you can easily create a full website for your Megaphone-hosted podcast with Our easy-to-use platform can give you everything you need to create a podcast website, customize its design, and import your episodes.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Megaphone and discuss some factors to consider when you plan on creating a Megaphone podcast website. Let’s get started!

An Introduction to Megaphone

Megaphone is a podcast hosting platform that was bought by Spotify in 2020. It enables you to publish a podcast, generate revenue from advertising, and view audience analytics:

Megaphone website

Currently, around 30 percent of the top 200 Apple podcasts are using Megaphone. The platform has a clean interface that makes it easy to create a schedule and draft new episodes. Since it supports unlimited users, it also can be an effective collaboration tool.

With Megaphone, you can easily start monetizing your podcast. It enables you to configure the location and order of your ads so you can optimize your revenue. Additionally, the Spotify Audience Network is available to help you sell inventory if needed.

Where Megaphone Might Be Lacking

Although Megaphone has some advantages, especially for enterprise/business users, it’s not for everyone. The target audience is typically larger publishers with multiple shows or more than 20,000 downloads per episode.

That being said, with so many successful podcasters are using the platform, their website solution is really basic and simplified. The website you get from Megaphone is more like a playlist that you can share, but it’s not recommended to use it with your own domain since it’s really lacking in a lot of areas – The design is quite mediocre, you don’t get an option to add more content, and the user/visitor experience is lukewarm at best.

It’s highly recommended you create a full website for your podcast, where you can establish your own brand, customize the colors and page layouts, add different types of content (like a Blog, Videos etc.) and import all your podcast episodes automatically.

To create a real website for your podcast, there’s one main platform that can do it all (and then some), and it’s

Podcastpage website

With Podcastpage, you’ll have everything you need to get your podcast online and start growing it. This includes a custom domain, web hosting, and support for unlimited episodes. We include beautiful podcast website templates, a drag & drop page builder, unlimited blog posts and pages, integrations (like importing your YouTube videos automatically) and so much more.

How to Create a Podcast Website with Megaphone and Podcastpage (In 3 Steps)

To create a fully customizable website with your podcasts, you can easily connect Megaphone with Podcastpage.

Step 1: Connect Your Megaphone Podcast to Podcastpage

To transfer your Megaphone podcast to Podcastpage, you’ll need to find your RSS feed and copy its URL. Then, visit the Podcastpage website and click on Get Started to create a new account:

Create Podcastpage account

During the setup process, you can give your podcast website a name. Next, paste the RSS feed URL that you copied earlier and select Import Podcast.

Podcast RSS feed

On the next page, you can choose a pre-designed Podcastpage template. Alternatively, you can skip this step and customize your website later:

Podcast website theme

Once you’re done, you’ll be able to access your site’s dashboard. You can then customize your website to fit your podcast’s unique brand!

Step 2: Build Your Podcast Website

In your dashboard, click on the Podcasts tab to see your imported podcast. Here, you can edit specific details like its title, slug, description, social links, and more:

Edit imported podcast

If you select All Episodes, you’ll see a list of your published content. You can archive certain episodes, remove public reviews, and sync your RSS feed again if needed:

Edit podcast episodes

To edit what your visitors see when they access your website, click on the Customize button. This will give you options for updating the general settings, headers and footers, social information, custom CSS coding, and much more:

Customize podcast website

Even if you found a theme you like, it may not have all the elements you want. To change the layout of certain pages, select Edit Page in the Customizer. Under Page Content, you can drag and drop new content blocks onto the page:

Page content editor

You can do this for every page. This way, your entire site can be visually pleasing and functional.

Step 3: Edit Your Site Settings

As a website owner, you’ll be responsible for more than just site design. Fortunately, Podcastpage makes it easy to create a domain name, manage Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and handle other important tasks.

To find these options, simply navigate to the General page. In the Domains section, you can set a branded subdomain and a custom domain:

Podcast site settings

Under Meta & SEO, you can update your SEO settings. This can help you rank higher in search results, enabling users to easily find your podcast:

SEO settings in

Although Megaphone is known for its collaborative features, you can achieve the same result with your Podcastpage website in just a couple of clicks. You’ll be able to add new team members to help you work on your new website.

Once you’ve finished customizing these settings, you can go ahead and save your changes. Now you’ll have a well-designed website for your podcast!


If you’re using for your podcast, and need to build a proper website for it, we’ve got your back! is the leading website platform for podcasters, and you’ll get everything you need to easily create a website from scratch, without prior experience. Our platform provides many automations and really simplifies the process of creating a website for your podcast.

To review, here’s how you can build a podcast website with Megaphone and Podcastpage:

  1. Connect your Megaphone podcast to Podcastpage.
  2. Build your podcast website using pre-designed templates and customizable elements.
  3. Edit your site settings by adding a domain name, new team members, and SEO information.
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