Product Update: Sticky audio player, native audio embeds from 19 hosts, and more!

July 5, 2020

We’ve got some big updates rolled out today for you! Continue reading to learn about the latest features and additions to
One of the most important features of any podcast website is the audio player. Your audience would have a much improved user experience when using a proper audio player with custom controls, sharing options, and customizeable colors & layout options.

Default Audio Player

The default audio player comes in different shapes and colors. You can use advanced controls such as skip across the podcast audio file (10 seconds back or 30 seconds forward). Change the playback speed (make the audio slower, slightly faster, or double the speed). Include a link to download the podcast file locally so your visitors could save the file over WiFi and listen to it without using their data plan. Lastly, several social sharing buttons are available so your audience could share the podcast on their favorite platforms.

Beyond the actual controls, you can change the layout or add other parts to the audio player area. It’s also possible to add a border around the audio player, include the episode title, or episode image right next to to it.

Sticky Audio Player

Podcastpage sticky audio player

The Sticky audio player we provide can be played across all pages continuously so your visitors could hit the play button, and continue browsing the website while listening to the latest episode (or any other episode they select).
The player is positioned at the bottom of the page and can even be hidden (while playing) if needed.

Since it offers continuous playback, your visitors can always go where they want around the website without losing the progress made on one of your podcast episodes.

The sticky audio player supports all the elements available in the regular player, like the advanced controls, border (top border only for the sticky audio), episode title and image, and sharing buttons. Also, the sticky audio player can display a native audio embed provided by your podcast host (more on that in the next section) so it’s really as customizeable as it gets.

Add an Embed Audio Player (iframe) directly from your Podcast Host

Podcastpage audio player embed iframe

We now automatically import embed audio players provided by 19 different podcast hosting companies. These are all provided directly by the podcast hosting providers. The embed player design, controls and options depend on the podcast hosting company of your choice. It’s super easy to enable these audio players all across your site (or within the Sticky audio player area too!).

As seen on this article from PodcastInsights, podcast embed players are important features with many podcast hosting companies. That’s why we’ve doubled down on this and added the possibility to automatically import those podcast embeds from some of the most popular podcast hosting companies.

The embed iframe code is being imported automatically for the following 19 podcast hosts: Anchor, Megaphone, Simplecast, Captivate, Omny, Buzzsprout, Audioboom, Pinecast, Ausha, Fireside, Transistor, Whooshkaa, SoundCloud, Acast, Zencast, Art19,, bCast, and Spreaker.

Can’t find your host in the list above? You can always add the embed code manually into any episode. Also, feel free to contact us if you want your podcast hosting service to be added as an automatic import.

We are adding more and more podcast hosting providers over time. Stay tuned and check back in your dashboard for the full changelog.

Miscellaneous Updates

One of the most exciting updates is the new setup wizard added into your dashboard. This dashboard would help to get your podcast website ready even faster!

podcastpage onboarding

Additionally, we added several new options in the episode edit page/form and two fresh marketing/analytics integrations.

Till next time!

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