How to Choose the Perfect Podcast Name (3 Tips)

April 25, 2022

Coming up with a name is an obvious first step when launching a podcast, but it can also be one of the most difficult. Your podcast’s name can have a major impact on the success of your brand, and trying to change it down the road can cause various problems.

Knowing what makes a good podcast name upfront will help you attract an audience and gain traction from search engines, social media, and word of mouth. The podcast name and corresponding website URL will become part of the brand you create, so choosing wisely is vital.

In this article, we’ll discuss what qualities good podcast names share, why a well-crafted URL is important, and how to name your podcast for the best results. Let’s get started!

Why Your Podcast Website’s Domain Name Is Important

Your domain name is the first thing many of your visitors will see when it comes to your brand. For this reason, your website’s URL might be more important than you think.

In most cases, the name of your podcast will be reflected in the domain name. This makes it abundantly easy for your audience to find you without having to remember anything special about your URL. They can just type in your podcast’s name, and add .com:

My Favorite Murder podcast

This also makes it easier for new listeners to find you who’ve only heard about your podcast through word of mouth. Especially early on, you don’t want to rely on search engines to make you accessible.

For these reasons, you’ll want your domain name to be memorable and clear to pronounce, so it is as easy as possible to talk about and share. This includes typing it into emails, sharing links on social media, and speaking it out loud in person or during episodes.

How to Choose the Perfect Podcast Name (3 Tips)

When it comes to your podcast name, you want to get it right the first time. While it is possible to change your podcast name or domain name down the road, this can confuse your audience and negatively affect your branding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Below are some helpful tips for creating a strong name that will serve you well throughout your entire podcasting journey!

1. Understand What Makes an Effective Podcast Name

As we mentioned above, you’ll want to consider your domain name and podcast name simultaneously. Choosing a podcast name that doesn’t translate well to an available domain name, or vice versa, can cause unnecessary complications for your brand. 

Not only that, but your podcast name should be unique and memorable to avoid confusion. You want your audience to be able to naturally recommend your podcast, and have new listeners understand and remember its name from that first encounter.

Tying in relevant keywords and search terms is also a smart tactic, as it will make your SEO strategy much easier in the future. Also, having terms associated with your podcast’s topic in your name makes it more attention-grabbing for those browsing a podcast directory and looking for content like yours:

The Money Pit Home Improvement Podcast

A catchy or clever name that includes niche terms relevant to your topic is another way to make a good first impression. It shows that you are involved in the community and knowledgeable about the topic, and should catch the attention of others who share your passion. Just be careful that you don’t sacrifice clarity for the sake of cleverness.

2. Use the Right Tools to Find Podcast Naming Ideas

If you need help brainstorming some ideas for your podcast name, you can work backwards by using SEO tools like Semrush to round up some quality keywords. If you incorporate terms that are commonly searched for in relation to your topic, you’ll have a head start attracting organic traffic.

You can also use SEO tools to see which terms to avoid because they already have stiff competition. Ahrefs has a feature specifically for finding low difficulty keywords. If the number-one and number-two most popular search terms related to your topic are saturated with other sites and podcasts, but the third is wide open, you’re better off taking the opportunity to corner the latter keyword.

Ahref low difficulty keyword chart

Once you have some terms to play with, try to come up with something clever and memorable that incorporates those words or phrases. You will then want to enter your ideas into popular podcasting platforms, to make sure there isn’t anything too similar that’s already on the market.

3. Research Available Domain Names

Checking to make sure your domain name is available is a fairly easy process. You can go to the Google registrar and search for your desired URL to see if it is available and how much it will cost to purchase:

Google registrar available URL search

In the event that the domain name you are hoping for is taken, you can try visiting the site to see its status. If the site doesn’t appear current or very popular, you could contact the owner and see if they would be willing to sell the domain to you.  

If you are set on a name for your podcast but the exact domain is unavailable, there are a few tweaks you can consider before abandoning the name altogether. Probably the easiest solution is to add the word “podcast”, assuming that you haven’t already. 

For example, if you want to name your podcast Street Racing, but the URL is already taken, you could still keep the name but change your URL to

Another option is to modify the Top-Level Domain (or TLD). While .com is the most popular option, you can opt for alternatives such as .net, and .org. Just keep in mind that your audience will probably expect your website to have a .com domain, and using a less popular TLD can sometimes lead to confusion. 

How to Get Started With Your Podcast Website

Once you have decided on the official name of your podcast and domain, you’re ready to build your site and launch your podcast.

There are many ways you can go about hosting and building your website, but if your primary focus is podcasts, it doesn’t get any easier than Podcastpage. We specifically designed the platform for podcasts and podcasters, and has all the tools you’ll need. Plus, you can start today in just three steps, with no coding required:

Simply choose the name for your podcast, import your content, and select a theme to launch a fully-operational podcast site. From there you can add further customization and connect your unique domain.


Now that you know what to consider when choosing a name for your podcast, you are ready to start brainstorming ideas and coming up with a strategy. Changing the name or URL of your podcast down the road can be a major setback, so planning ahead and making a strong decision now is important.

Consider these helpful tips when launching your podcast:

  1. Understand what makes an effective podcast name.
  2. Create a fully featured podcast website in just a few clicks, without any coding skills!
  3. Use tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush to find podcast naming ideas.
  4. Research available domain names.

Do you have any additional questions about choosing an effective podcast name? Let us know in the comments section below!

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