Podcast Showcase – Get To The Good Part: A Ready Player Two Podcast

November 10, 2020

Welcome to our Podcast Showcase series! Each time, we’ll bring you one featured podcast, and give a short overview about the people behind the microphone! They share the process they use to podcast efficiently, including tips and recommended tools used for their podcasts and more. The Podcast Showcase series is brought to you by Podcastpage.io – The Podcast Website Builder.

Today we are interviewing Chris Cantley and Aaron Margolis from the Get To The Good Part: A Ready Player Two Podcast

GTTGP – A Ready Player Two Podcast

What is your podcast all about?

A chapter-by-chapter analysis of Ernest Cline’s novel “Ready Player One” and its sequel, “Ready Player Two” (to be released November 24, 2020).

When we finished the first book and started waiting for the sequel, we did episodes focused on reviewing some of the pop culture references found in the book. Fans of the book and the movie “Ready Player One” will enjoy the show, as well anyone who appreciates pop culture references from the 1980s.

Tell us about your podcasting background/experience.

The podcast was founded by two friends; Ryan, who brought a deep passion for the book and its many 80s references, and John, who was new to the story, reading and recording episodes one chapter at a time.

A few episodes in, Chris made a guest appearance and quickly became a permanent fixture in every episode since. Aaron started his podcasting passion as a guest, and soon after becoming a full-fledged host. John and Ryan have since left, passing the torch to Chris and Aaron to carry the show forward.

The show started with the premise that there were fans of “Ready Player One” like us out there who wanted more. And we did found a passionate community that welcomed our humble podcast with open arms.

Now that the sequel, “Ready Player Two” is right around the corner, we’re very excited to continue doing our “deep dives” into the new book.

How do you plan or prepare each episode?

For our chapter analysis episodes, we will prepare by reading the chapter (or listening to it). We usually read it multiple times, and prepare notes to discuss on the show.

What podcasting tools are you using?
  1. Podcast host – Anchor.fm
  2. Software – Adobe Audition
  3. Microphone – Audio-Technica BPHS1 Broadcast Stereo Headset with Dynamic Cardioid Boom Microphone and a Focus Rite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface.
  4. Website builder – Podcastpage.io

Our podcast host is Anchor.fm, which we admittedly use because it keeps our operating costs down. While we could record directly on their platform, we strive to have the best audio quality possible. So we each record our own audio using the same equipment so the quality of our recordings can be virtually the same. The setup includes an Audio-Technica BPHS1 Broadcast Stereo Headset with Dynamic Cardioid Boom Microphone and a Focus Rite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface. Once we’ve recorded an episode, we’ll share the files on Dropbox or Google Drive, and one of us will edit the podcast in Adobe Audition.

Our website was recently moved to Podcastpage.io, and we are very happy with it. It’s great that it creates episode pages from the RSS feed, which saves a lot of effort. The customer support team was very helpful at the start giving me custom CSS codes to tweak the website. They also helped us with the DNS management information for our web domain host (GoDaddy).

In this day and age, we need to be active on social media to engage with our audience, and we enjoy geeking out with our listeners on Facebook and Twitter.

Any tips for fellow podcasters?

Just jump right in and go for it! It’s easy enough to get started with minimal investment.

Are there any podcast stats you want to share?

The show started years after the “Ready Player One” book was published. While we weren’t able to capitalize on the initial excitement behind the book, the announcement and release of the movie “Ready Player One” came with a surge in listenership. At that time, episodes received thousands of listens. Listenership lulled as the excitement for the movie dwindled down, but we are seeing an uptick since the book sequel was announced, and we expect to see listenership reach a new peak in the weeks and months after the book is published.

Where can we follow you?
  1. Website – GTTGP.com
  2. Twitter – @GTTGPPod
  3. Facebook: @GetToTheGoodPartPodcast
  4. Instagram – @GTTGPPod

Thanks Chris and Aaron for sharing your story with us. We are ready for player two!

That’s all for this Podcast Showcase edition. If you’re interested in participating in future editions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

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