Podcast Showcase – The Neutral Ground Podcast

September 13, 2021

Welcome to our Podcast Showcase series! We are featuring one podcast each time. We’ll give you a short overview about the people behind the microphone! They share the process they use to podcast efficiently, including tips and recommended tools used for their podcasts and more. The Podcast Showcase series is brought to you by Podcastpage.io – The Best Podcast Website Builder.

This time we are interviewing Joe Meyer from The Neutral Ground Podcast.

The Neutral Ground Podcast

Hey Joe, thanks for joining us. What is your podcast all about?

Does it feel like every day we walk through a gauntlet, a valley of the shadow of death? Today, we’ve fetishized anger and frustration to point that it has become the lifeblood of our economy–and that should frighten us all.

It seems like there are fewer and fewer places for just discussing ideas and ways that we can better ourselves through careful reflection, without feeling like our thoughts are being drowned out by extremes.

This podcast is for people who want to meet on the neutral ground, a place where you’re invited to think–a place to take what you need, and throw away the rest.

What’s the story behind your podcast?

I started the podcast because I teach college courses on critical inquiry and writing. I am worried that many people who want to be in the middle space (or the neutral ground) feel like they are being drowned out by extreme views from every side.

I want to create a community of people who love deep, engaging conversation but are not interested in extremes.

How do you plan or prepare each episode?

I script my episodes for now. I might loosen that up in the future, but the first few episodes are very important for getting my message out properly.

Can you share some podcast stats with us?

So far, it’s still slow-going for the podcast. But it is growing each day!

Do you have any tips for fellow podcasters?

My tip is enjoy the process itself; learn to love it. The success will come when you can get your passion and interests across to the listeners.

What podcasting tools are you using?

1) I use Anchor.fm for hosting.
2) Izotope RX8 for editing and some Davinci Resolve
3) a Samson Q2U as a microphone
4) Podcastpage.io – My podcast website is built with Podcastpage and linked to my personal domain: theneutralgroundpodcast.com,
5) I’m only using Substack and YouTube as my primary sources of social media because many of the other platforms feed extreme views. I’m trying to avoid all of that.

Where can we follow you?
  1. Website – https://theneutralgroundpodcast.com/
  2. Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/show/4JsI480Vh6snrLau889nea
  3. YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClSW07ZA4XASfPjwUD3Gv7w
  4. Substack- joemeyer.substack.com
Anything else you want to add?

I’m always grateful to people who listen to my podcast. However, try to bring the message out with you to others. Avoid the extreme noises that come from every which side of the aisle. Embrace the neutral ground mindset.

Thanks Joe for sharing your story with us.

That’s all for this Podcast Showcase edition. If you’re interested in participating in future editions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

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