Podcast Showcase – Today in Digital Marketing

September 1, 2020

Welcome to the Podcast Showcase series. In each post, we’ll bring you one featured podcast, and give a short overview about the people behind the microphone, the process they use to podcast efficiently, share tips and recommended tools used for the podcasts and more. We’ll share images of their podcast equipment or setup, and links to their podcast websites and social media profiles. The Podcast Showcase series is brought to you by Podcastpage.io – The Podcast Website Builder.

Today we are interviewing Tod Maffin from the Today In Digital Marketing podcast:

Today in Digital Marketing Podcast

What is your podcast all about?

Every weekday, I bring you a fast-paced, 8-minute rundown of what you missed in the world of digital marketing and social media. Whether you work for a digital agency or work for a brand, this is everything you need to know. And nothing more.

Tell us about your podcasting background/experience.

I was (and still am) a big fan of the TechMeme Ride Home. I loved the short, punchy format and started looking for a similar podcast in the digital marketing space, but couldn’t find one. So I decided to start one. 😉

I’ve been involved in podcasting since its invention (I had the 11th podcast in history) and used to be a public radio host and producer, so it’s nice to be back behind a desktop audio workstation.

What podcasting tools are you using?
  1. Podcast host – Anchor.fm — not that it’s particularly great, but it’s reliable and free.
  2. Software – We are actually just using Mac Quicktime to record the voice, but then send it through Auphonic Leveler for pre-processing, and mix it in Logic Pro X.
  3. Microphone – Blue Yeti. I’m also using PromptSmart Pro, which advances the script as I read.
  4. Website builder – We’re loving Podcastpage.io for the front-facing site!
  5. Social media – We tweet a plug for the episode out, and use Repurpose.io to automatically create a video version of the podcast that goes up on its Facebook and YouTube channels.
Any tips for fellow podcasters?

Sound quality is more important than you think. You might have great content, but if you’re too far away from the mic, or your levels are all over the place, people will stop listening.

Also, make sure you’re focused on your topic. Nobody likes 90-minute ramblecasts. Have a point, get to it, and sign off.

Any specific podcast stats you’d like to share?

Currently getting more than 1,000 listeners each episode. There was definitely a downtick when the pandemic lockdowns started, but it’s been going back up again pretty solidly the last couple of weeks.

How do you plan or prepare each episode?

I’ve got a great team here at our agency, engageQ digital, so while I’m spending my morning working on client projects, one of our content leads is tasked with shortlisting a number of stories. Once we’ve nailed down which ones we want to cover, and which we think would be most relevant to people who work day-to-day in digital marketing, she will script 95% of it in a shared Google doc.

I’ll then pop in and tweak it a little, add a bit of snark, and then head into the voicing booth we have put together (in an office closet) to record the voicetrack. While that’s happening, Sarah’s publishing the transcript to our web site and getting the social media posts for the episode prepared.

Most days, I do the final mix myself (adding the stings, bumpers, themes, etc.) and then it gets uploaded to our hosting provider. Once the RSS feed has made it over to Podcastpage.io, we tweet and post about the episode.

Show us your podcasting gear & workspace!
Where can we follow you?
  1. Website – https://todayindigital.com/
  2. Twitter – @todmaffin
  3. Facebook – @tmaffin
  4. Instagram – @todmaffin

Thanks Tod for sharing these great insights with us. Go follow Tod and his podcast, and until next time, happy podcasting!

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