Podcast statistics in 2022

April 19, 2021

There is no debate whether the podcasting industry is booming or not. With almost 2 podcasts created every minute in 2020, it sure is growing. When looking at some podcast statistics even further, things look especially impressive. According to ListenNotes, there were nearly 197,000 new podcasts released in 2018. The next year, that figure jumped to 316,000. The growth seemed quite significant in 2019, but 2020 brought more than 954,000 new podcast shows(!), a record number which is more than triple from the previous year. The global pandemic has helped those numbers, but podcasting is booming either way.

While 2022 stats are yet to come, we gather a few key statistics in this article that goes through previous years, and we’ll update the article with fresh data as soon as we find it.

According to the current pace in 2021, there would be a projected number of ~ 900,000 new podcasts by the end of the year. It’s still early to determine whether this figure will hold, but podcasting is definitely here to stay. There are many different podcast statistics around the internet, we’ll try to gather some of the most relevant ones in this article.

2021 podcast statistics:

How many podcasts are there?

There are currently nearly 2.2 million podcasts out there, according to ListenNotes. According to Amplifi and Podnews, 44% of the podcasts have less than 3 episodes! Only 720k podcasts have more than 10 episodes. They also share that out of those 720k podcasts, only 156k are releasing a weekly episode.

PodcastIndex.org suggests that there are in fact over 3 million podcasts, but we couldn’t determine the reason the stats differ that much from ListenNotes.

How many podcast listeners are listening to podcasts on a weekly basis?

There are more than 1 billion podcast listeners every week (according to Pikkal). Surprisingly enough, most of them are coming from Asia (India and China alone are responsible for 45% of all podcast listenership in the world).

In the US, 80 million people, or 28% of the population (over the age of 12) are weekly listeners.

podcast listeners stats
source: https://www.pikkal.com/articles/1-billion-people-listen-to-podcasts-every-week

How many active podcasts are there?

There are about 700k active podcasts. The term “Active” is a little hard to define. If we only look at podcasts that released at least one episode in 2021, the number is 700,000. Listeners can still listen to older podcasts that have not released any episodes this year, and some shows are just taking a short break, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that the other 1.3M-2M podcasts are actually dead.

Where are podcasters coming from?

Most of the podcasters are coming from the US (1.4M to be precise). While India and China have the most listeners, they only account for 42k podcasts.

What languages are most podcasts in?

1.3M podcasts are in English. The second most popular language, Spanish, is far behind with only 220k podcasts.

podcasts by language
Source: https://www.listennotes.com/podcast-stats/

Conclusion – Podcast Statistics

The podcasting industry is growing – both in podcasts created and listenership. It’s not too late to start a podcast. You can find listeners all over the world, so just pick a topic and genre you’re interested in so you could speak with passion for a long time.

Then make sure to market and share your podcast with potential listeners. A podcast website might come in handy here, so check out Podcastpage.io if you need a website for your podcast.

This article include data from the 2021 Infinite Dial Edison report, Nielsen-Podcasting Today 2021 report, ListenNotes.com, and Pikkal.

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