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Add subscribe buttons to your podcast website today

Easily add podcast subscribe buttons to your site

Podcast subscribe buttons are important – you always need to make it easy to listen to your podcast. Whether your listeners prefer to listen on your site, subscribe to your newsletter or listen on a podcasting app – we’ve got you covered. With Podcastpage.io you can add podcast subscribe buttons to your favorite platforms in just a few clicks. 

Add buttons to virtually any platform – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and nearly 50 other platforms.

How to add podcast subscribe buttons

With Podcastpage.io, it’s as easy as 1-2-3

1. Add your Podcast

Create your podcast website in minutes with Podcastpage.io, and import your podcast during the easy configuration process.

2. Add your Domain

While this step is optional, adding your domain means you can now share your own URL instead of promoting other platforms.

3. Add Subscribe Buttons

In the settings/customize panel, go into the "Subscribe & Social" section, and add as many subscribe buttons to all platforms.

Subscribe buttons

Add as many subscribe buttons as you want – display the buttons on a sleek pop-up or on a dedicated page.

High-Res Icons

Add high resolution icons to your podcast website to match any screen, from a small mobile device all the way to 8K.

Any podcast platform

We support all podcast platforms – add subscribe buttons on any existing platform, or let us know if we missed one out!

Social sharing

Beyond enabling subscription on podcast platforms, we also enable social icons throughout the site and even on the audio player. 

Grow your podcast

With a dedicated podcast website, you’ll be able to grow your podcast, better engage with your audience, monetize it, and much more.

Dedicated support

Our podcast website builder is as easy as it gets – you don’t need any coding skills or be a veteran in IT. If you do have any doubts, our team is there for you.

Why you should add podcast subscribe buttons

Grow your audience, and get regular listeners

More subscribers

Your podcast lives on listeners. Enabling your audience to subscribe on their favorite platform is key. Help them become regular listeners or email subscribers.

Easy to listen

The more options your audience or potential audience has – the better. It’s important to add subscribe buttons on your podcast website.

Collect emails

If possible, collect emails on your website to create an email list and send updates on your podcast. You can even include your podcast subscribe buttons in the email.

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