Receive voice messages from your podcast listeners

As a podcaster, getting feedback, questions and insights from your listeners is highly important. Read how to easily start collecting voicemail messages directly on your podcast website.

A voicemail message recording widget on your site

Getting recorded audio messages is only natural if you run a podcast. 

You can ask your listeners to record a voicemail message for you with their questions, feedback, review about the podcast, or any other type of material.

These can be even featured within future episodes of your podcast, so that’s really a cool way to interact with your audience.

You may think that getting recorded messages could get complex, but if you have a website on Podcastpage, your site would include a built-in voice message recording widget right out of the box!

Your website visitors could just hop on your site and start recording in seconds. 

How to create a podcast Voicemail

Collect recorded voice messages from your audience

1. Create a website

Sign up to Podcastpage and set up your website in just minutes.

2. Choose a theme

Use any of our beautiful podcast website templates

3. Get voice messages

That's it! Once your website is ready, the voicemail recorded widget would be added automatically.

Easy voicemail feature

The voicemail recorded widget is free and included within any plan. It’s built-in on your site

Flexible & unique

You can display the voice recording widget anywhere on the site – make it stick on the side or bottom, or just insert it within pages.

Unlimited options

Our drag & drop page editor will give you flexibility creating pages, layouts and designs for your podcast website.

High quality audio

Each voice message is recorded in a high quality WAV format – you can definitely feature those files in your next episode!

Website Templates

Our beautiful website templates will get you started with a fabulous design so you can show off the site right away.

5 star support

While our podcast website builder is super easy to use, we’re always happy to help!

Why should you add a voicemail widget to your podcast?

Engage more with your audience, grow your show!

Interact with listeners

Your podcast audience would love to get a way to get in touch with you and record their own voice messages.

Save time

Voice messages are recorded on your site and sent directly to your inbox.

All in one

No need to use any external services or pay for the widget – this is all included for free on Podcastpage!

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