25+ Best podcast website examples for 2023

June 22, 2023

Are you looking for some inspiration in order to build your own podcast website? Creating a website for a client or just launching a new podcast? Podcast websites are our expertise and passion here at Podcastpage. Beyond building the best website platform for podcasters, we have curated a list with some of the top podcast websites examples available on the web. Learn directly from some of the best podcast website examples that we’ve found on the world wide web.

The following list includes really good podcast site examples so you can get a better idea of how your podcast website should look like. We also include many helpful tips and suggestions for your website – learn what to include on your site, which tools and website builders you should use in order to build it, where to find popular podcast website templates, and more!

The best podcast website examples have many features in common. They all have a beautiful design, great content, and clean & intuitive user interfaces. In addition, some other features are absolute musts, such as a podcast audio player, social & subscribe (or follow) buttons on popular podcast platforms, transcripts, pages with multiple episodes alongside individual episode pages, etc.

Since there are so many website builder options available, you should consider using a dedicated podcast website builder instead of a “generic” website builder since these would include most of the features you need right out of the box, save you a lot of time to get started and to maintain the site.

With more than 3,000,000 podcasts published around the world (according to ListenNotes), there are plenty of great podcast website examples you can use as inspiration. Let’s look at some of the best podcast websites – their designs and structures. Get inspired from the most beautiful podcast websites!

The best podcast website examples

1. Full Mutuality Podcast

full mutuality podcast website example
  • WebsiteFullMutuality.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Duke
  • What we like about it
    • Large graphic/banner on the homepage that shows the name of the podcast. Stays in line with the brand colors all around the website.
    • A “sticky” audio player is right there when you load the page – makes it more appealing to play the latest episode and also keeps on playing while moving across different pages.
    • Important features like a “Donate” button, “Voicemail” recording widget, showcasing all the podcast’s guests on a separate page, alongside a guest intake form and individual guest pages. These are must have features for any serious podcasts!
    • The podcast info (description, hosts, title and subscribe buttons) is nicely shown on the homepage, followed by a list of episodes filterable by category.
    • Each episode gets its own individual URL, the website is fully optimized for SEO and is fully responsive on mobile devices.
  • What we think they can improve
    • With such a great website overall it’d be hard to find the points to improve. However, adding a little more content on the different pages (home/episodes/about/reviews) can help both SEO and the visitor experience.
    • The website is using 3 “primary” colors, we typically recommend using up to 2 highlight/primary colors and have more neutral colors for the rest.

2. The Vertical Space Podcast

  • WebsiteTheVerticalSpace.net
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Trane
  • What we like about it
    • The design is really clean and intuitive. Top section of the homepage is designed beautifully with a background image, the podcast information and subscribe button.
    • A sticky audio player is included on all pages, and continues to player while you scroll through the website.
    • The latest episode is featured on the top of the homepage, while other recent episodes are displayed below with category filters.
  • What we think they can improve
    • More content sections on the homepage (for example, a word about the hosts or more info about the show) could improve the visitors’ experience even further!

3. The Man Cave Chronicles Podcast

the man cave chronicles podcast website example
  • WebsiteTheMCCPodcast.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Dizzy
  • What we like about it
    • A dark, beautiful design wrapped by a neat background image on the top of the homepage really makes the website look fabulous.
    • The homepage includes a section for the podcast information, subscribe buttons social icons and reviews. Additionally, the recent episodes are listed in a 3-column layout and feature a different image for each episode. (and rightfully so – this podcast brings A-list celebrities as guests so their image on the episode artwork is a must)
    • Individual episode pages include a beautiful audio player + a YouTube embed player.
  • What we think they can improve
    • We’d love to see an audio player right there on the homepage – that’d attract listeners and possibly get plays from the initial visit.
    • A dedicated page with all the different guests could really highlight that part of the show, especially given the high profile guests involved.

4. Talking Sopranos Podcast

podcast website example - talking sopranos
  • WebsiteTalkingSopranos.com
  • Website builder – Squarespace
  • Template – Custom
  • What we like about it
    • Right at the top of the site is an image of both hosts (you may know them as Christopher and Bobby). From simply looking at it above the fold, you get a good sense of what it is about.
    • The website color scheme matches the podcast artwork. It uses the same main colors (red, black, and white).
    • The episodes are available right away on the main page, and listeners can listen directly to them. The social media buttons and the about page are also easily accessible.
    • There is an embedded podcast player from Simplecast, which is more unique than the standard player.
  • What we think they can improve
    • Below Immediately below the episode list on the homepage is a section with merely links and huge buttons, not very informative and awkwardly designed.
    • Even though you can figure out what this podcast is about, there’s no description of the podcast.
    • Instead of embedding YouTube videos, they link to external videos on YouTube.
    • There are no podcast subscribe buttons on the site, big no-no!
    • There are no separate pages for each episode, which is quite a bad practice for SEO!

5. The Growth Marketer Podcast

learn growth marketing podcast website example
  • WebsitePodcast.GrowthMarketer.co
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Blakey
  • What we like about it
    • Clean and intuitive design.
    • A list of episodes is available on the homepage.
    • Not bloated with too many details, you get what you came for.
    • Easy to listen straight from the main page.
    • Audio player with extra controls available for all episodes.
  • What we think they can improve
    • All episodes use the same artwork – might be refreshing to use separate ones.
    • The podcast description is quite short (only 1 line), although you do get the idea behind the show after reading it. Adding a longer description can help building your Podcast SEO strategy as well.

6. Curious Minds At Work Podcast

  • WebsiteGayleAllen.net
  • Website builder – WordPress
  • Template – Satchmo podcast theme
  • What we like about it
    • The podcast title alongside the latest episode are always featured at the top of the homepage.
    • Nice background images across the website.
    • Subscribe buttons are available on the homepage and very visible.
    • Guests are featured on the homepage. Additionally, there’s a nice grid of recent episodes there. Also, there’s a nice opt-in form before the footer.
  • What we think they can improve
    • There is no audio player on the homepage or episodes page.
    • Even though we love the layout of the page – we would recommend to improve the spacing general design around the different pages. Also, font seemed a little smaller for the inner-content part.

7. Sleepwave.fm Podcast

sleepwave podcast website example
  • WebsiteSleepWave.fm
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Basie
  • What we like about it
    • A dark, beautiful design with awesome graphics all around. We especially loved the consistency of colors, how they blend with the custom graphics, and the background images.
    • There’s a sticky audio player right when you load the page with the most recent episode.
    • As always – Individual episode pages with their own URLs are great for SEO.
    • Showing the hosts on the top of the homepage next to the podcast information is a great touch.
  • What we think they can improve
    • Absolutely beautiful website, so not much to improve. However, the font size could be a little small on inner-pages (like episode page or about page).

8. Afrobility Podcast

afrobility podcast website example
  • WebsiteAfrobility.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Dizzy
  • What we like about it
    • Beautifully designed with a dark-mode theme.
    • Displays multiple episodes on the homepage.
    • Timestamps added in each episode page – easy podcast navigation for listeners!
    • Social sharing button within the audio player.
  • What we think they can improve
    • Adding images throughout the site could be nice – an image of the show hosts or episode images.
    • Add more content, like a blog or custom pages.

9. The Athletic Perspective Podcast

podcast website template - tusant
  • WebsiteAthleticPerspective.com
  • Website builder – WordPress
  • Template – Tusant podcast theme
  • What we like about it
    • Clean and informative header section with a background image, description and a subscribe button.
    • Easy to find the latest episodes and see a page with all episodes. The header background image is great! It gets you right into the exact feeling and atmosphere the podcast intended to. It’s easy to subscribe and follow on social media (in the navigation and in the button).
  • What we think they can improve
    • The audio player is a bit basic on the homepage, but looks better on the episode pages.

10. Serie A Chronicles

Serie A Chronicles Podcast
  • WebsiteSerieAChronicles.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Miles
  • What we like about it
    • Bold color scheme that matches the podcast branding and artwork. Good color combinations and consistency over the different pages.
    • Homepage displays the podcast and host information, several recent episodes along with category filters.
    • The sticky audio player looks really nice and features a semi-transparent background so it blends well with the rest of the site.
  • What we think they can improve
    • We’d love to see one or two additional content sections on the homepage.

11. Podcastica Podcast Network

  • WebsitePodcastica.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Dizzy
  • What we like about it
    • Clean design with multiple podcasts at the very top of the homepage, then a mixed stream of episodes from all shows right below.
    • Sticky / Continuous audio player that plays across all pages.
    • Dedicated page with a list of all Podcasts, standalone pages for episodes.
    • Lots of additional content, transcripts and links.
  • What we think they can improve
    • More images could add some eye-catching element to the homepage.

12. AfterDark Podcast

podcast website example - wix
  • WebsiteAfterDarkPod.com
  • Website builder – Wix
  • Template – Custom
  • What we like about it
    • Beautiful custom logo.
    • Header section includes a background video and a short description of the podcast.
    • Social sharing links are available on the sidebar.
  • What we think they can improve
    • No episodes on the homepage.
    • You cannot listen to an episode on the homepage and not on the podcast page – only when you visit a singular episode page.
    • Show notes are too brief.

13. Big Fat Winners Podcast

  • WebsiteBigfatwinners.live
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Duke
  • What we like about it
    • It has a very eye-catching design with the background image. It will put you right in the mood.
    • Great looking sticky audio player with the soundwaves.
    • Cool artwork!
  • What we think they can improve
    • Each episode has the same image. Different images could make it look more special.
    • There’s not much content in the episode pages or even a description on the main page about each episode. More content could improve the SEO and also give the visitor important information.

14. The Thriller Zone Podcast

  • WebsiteTheThrillerZone.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Trane
  • What we like about it
    • Bold color scheme. We love the episode artwork and the audio player.
    • Homepage shows a few different sections with info about the podcast, reviews, and links to more content (YouTube videos, pages etc.)
  • What we think they can improve
    • Some of the text in the header is a little too light over the background image, might be good to make it a little bolder or the background image darker.

15. Everyone is Moving to Berlin

  • WebsiteEveryone.Berlin
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Pops
  • What we like about it
    • A simple, straightforward layout helps the visitors get the gist of this podcast right away. You can read the description at the very top, and find multiple subscribe buttons right there.
    • Lots of episodes on the homepage that can be filtered by categories.
    • Info about the hosts right on the homepage.
  • What we think they can improve
    • While it is great to show dozens of episodes on the homepage, it may get a little much for a first time visitor to scroll all the way through the episodes.

16. Serial Podcast

You can’t talk about podcasts or podcast website examples without mentioning Serial podcast. Although it’s a custom built website, meaning you can’t use the same platform or template to build it, you can definitely learn and burrow ideas from their website.

podcast website example - serial
  • WebsiteSerialPodcast.org
  • Website builder – Custom
  • Template – N/A
  • What we like about it
    • Main design and color scheme are both great.
    • Each episode has a background image that is related to that specific episode.
    • It’s so easy to subscribe, download or follow their social media.
    • Easy to listen to the episode straight from the main page.
    • When clicking on the play button, a sticky audio appears. This sticky audio lets you scroll across the pages without stopping the episode. It really helps when you want to read more about the episode or navigate throughout the site.
  • What we think they can improve
    • Podcast artwork images on directories are usually square and not in landscape ratios like on Serial’s website.
    • There are just 2-3 subscribe options, many listeners would prefer to subscribe on other platforms.
    • Google PageSpeed insights score is quite low.

17. Monde Numerique

  • WebsiteMondeNumerique.Info
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Blakey
  • What we like about it
    • Great consistency of colors all around the website.
    • Beautifully customized homepage with lots of custom sections, CTA blocks, and a sidebar.
    • Slick audio player – using a sticky podcast audio player which allows the listener to scroll down and switch pages without stopping the flow.
    • The episode page includes very detailed show notes, including audio timestamps, quotes and more.
  • What we think they can improve
    • The footer could look better or provide more value to the visitors.

18. Reconsidering Podcast

reconsidering podcast website example
  • WebsiteReconsidering.org
  • Website builder – Squarespace
  • Template – Custom
  • What we like about it
    • Playful design with a nice background image on the top of the homepage.
    • Subscribe icons on the homepage and individual episode pages.
    • Nice choice of colors across the site.
    • Different image for each episode – good to mix things up when browsing pages with multiple episodes.
  • What we think they can improve
    • There’s no way to listen directly from the home page, or even the episodes page. However, you must click on the episode page and then listen there.
    • Audio player is too basic.
    • Too many broken links on the episode transcripts.
    • The site is a little dull in terms of added features like a voicemail widget, reviews, custom pages (like a guests page) and more.

19. Big Meow Podcast

  • WebsiteBigMeowPodcast.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage
  • Template – Duke
  • What we like about it
    • Fresh design with a great hero section at the top – nice colors, background image, and CTA buttons.
    • The homepage includes episodes, info about the hosts, reviews, and posts from Instagram – great variety!
    • We love the color scheme and artwork used across the site.
  • What we think they can improve
    • Font and typography is a little small in some areas or inconsistent, could be an easy improvement!

20. Captured – Shot Down in Vietnam Podcast

  • WebsiteCapturedPodcast.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Monk
  • What we like about it
    • This documentary style podcast (produced by the Richard Nixon Library & Foundation) has a great look and feel all around that match the overall topic. The color scheme goes hand in hand with the black and white artwork, and the homepage has different sections with lots of info and episodes.
    • Subscribe icons at the top of the homepage and individual episode pages.
    • Reviews displayed on the front page.
    • Great artwork and included archive images.
  • What we think they can improve
    • Some spacing can be improved on the homepage.

Podcast Network Website Examples

21. Gallery Media Group Podcasts

gallery media group podcast website example
  • Websitepodcasts.gallerymediagroup.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Duke
  • What we like about it
    • A bunch of different podcasts listed right there on the homepage.
    • Very clean design and layout all around the site.
    • Each podcast includes a list of all episodes, a subscribe icon & social icon list.
  • What we think they can improve
    • While the podcasts look great and the design is very intuitive, there’s little info on the network itself right on the homepage.
    • Each podcast seem to be using a different type of player – a branded audio player can be a smart choice to keep everything similar across the different pages.
    • Not a ton of extra pages or added widgets like reviews or guests etc.

22. Health Unmuted Podcast Network

  • WebsiteHealthUnmuted.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Blakey
  • What we like about it
    • Custom full-width header with text and a background image – main info about the network and podcasts is available right at the top of the site.
    • All shows appear slightly below the top section, in a beautiful layout with really nice similarities between the different show artwork images.
    • Custom individual podcast page layouts.
    • Plenty of CTA and forms available.
  • What we think they can improve –
    • Some more consistency around the colors could be great.

23. EarzUp Podcast Network

  • WebsiteEarzUp-Podcast.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Monk
  • What we like about it
    • A beautiful header/hero section on top of the homepage with an eye-catching logo and a beautiful custom illustration.
    • The most recent episode is featured right below the homepage header, with a large artwork and audio player.
    • Different shows are featured directly on the homepage or on a dedicated “Shows” page.
    • Hosts and Guests are featured across the site.
    • Multiple dedicated custom pages for shows, merchandise, and more.
  • What we think they can improve
    • Some spacing and typography styles are inconsistent – updating those would really boost the look & feel of the site!

24. CGN Media

  • WebsiteCGNMedia.org
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Dizzy
  • What we like about it
    • Beautiful branding, colors and layout on the homepage. We always appreciate consistent design that matches with the overall brand.
    • Large selection of content – between dozens of podcasts and several YouTube channels – there tons of content on this website.
    • Reviews and more informational sections on the homepage.
  • What we think they can improve
    • Hard to find for this one! The site looks great overall – we’d perhaps opt to add a sticky audio player but that’s not a must.

25. BingePods

  • WebsiteBingePods.com
  • Website builderPodcastpage.io
  • Template – Dizzy
  • What we like about it
    • A beautiful site for one the largest podcast networks in India.
    • Homepage displaying recent episodes at the top followed by a bunch of podcast sorted by categories.
    • Several CTAs and email opt-in forms directly on the homepage.
  • What we think they can improve
    • So much content on one website can get a little overwhelming, but Bingepods are doing a great work of streamlining the content and display thousands of episodes (from hundreds of different podcasts) on the same site.

Checklist: Podcast website design and features

You may be wondering what other features a podcast website design should include. Here are some useful tips to take your podcast website to the next level. Additionally, if you need more information before you begin designing your own podcast website, we wrote a full guide on how to start a podcast website.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. Play your episodes – Make it easy to listen to all of your podcast episodes. Don’t hide the audio player way inside your site. Make sure the podcast audio player design fits your podcast by changing the colors or controls. Use a sticky audio player (if available) to keep your audio player playing while your visitors browse across the website. Don’t even think about using the default browser audio player, your podcast deserves more than that!
  2. Episode list – Display your episodes in a list on the main page or on a dedicated page for your podcast episodes for example, and include an option to listen to the episodes directly from there.
  3. Podcast description – Share some info about your podcast right above the fold. Provide the needed background to those that stumbled upon your website without knowing much about your podcast.
  4. Single episode pages – Create a unique page for each episode in the episode list. Include information about the episode (show notes, timestamps, transcript) and an audio player. This is great for SEO.
  5. Podcast subscribe buttons – There should be an easy way to subscribe to your podcast on the website.
  6. Social and sharing buttons – Make it easy for your visitors to follow you on their favorite social media channels. Also, listeners should be able to share the episode in one click (to social media or communication apps).
  7. Customizable – Even though you are using a template, make sure it includes plenty of options to customize anything and everything to fit your needs.
  8. Technical details are important – Page speed & SEO optimization are highly important – You must ensure your listeners can easily find your website and swiftly browse through it.

Podcast Website Templates

To get your website shine and look better than the rest, you’ll need to make sure it’s beautifully designed, equipped with enough content, and structured properly. While you can always use the DIY approach and build a website from scratch – using a template can cut down the amount of work.

With a website template, you can get the right inspiration for your own project, start editing from a ready-made design, and just move a lot faster than when creating a site from a blank canvas.

When working with Podcastpage.io, you get the most beautiful podcast website templates out there, so you’d be ready to launch a beautiful site in just a couple of minutes.

Here are some of the most popular templates available only on Podcastpage –


In conclusion, we reviewed some of the best podcast website examples and provided tips on how to start a podcast website. Nowadays, building your podcast website doesn’t require any coding, so in most cases that obstacle can be avoided.

Choosing a website platform wisely is important as some of them aren’t optimized for podcasting. A platform with podcasting-features and beautiful templates is a good choice.

Having high quality content is the most important aspect of podcast websites – make your podcast attractive to your listeners, and ensure your site includes high quality content, and the rest will follow. There is no doubt that a website is extremely helpful to podcasters, whether they are professionals who record 10 episodes a week or individuals who do it as a hobby. A website can help you grow your podcast, find more listeners, and get increased engagement from your existing audience.

And that’s all for now folks, you now know everything about podcast websites. Happy podcasting!

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