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A beautiful, dark website template. Unique, bold & modern.


A fresh and unique design to get everyone’s attention.


A professional template for podcasters, podcast networks, and more!


A playful dark theme with touches of neon colors and retro vibes.


Perfect for any audio/video website project for podcasters and creators.


Grow your podcast audience and personal brand with style.


A minimalist, monochrome website template. So simple, so much class!


A clean template with bold colors and eye-catching widgets.


A colorful podcast template with beautiful CTA sections.

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Finding a template for your podcast website project is key – it can help you launch a beautiful website and save a lot of time during the process. Finding the right website builder platform for creating your website is also important – a platform that’s not focused around podcasting may set you back.

Podcastpage.io is combining the most beautiful website templates within a website builder that is dedicated for podcasters, YouTubers and creators. With each site you create, you’ll be able to choose a fully responsive website template that looks great on any device. You can use the template as a starting point for your project and get started even faster. 

All templates can be easily modified to fit your needs or your brand’s design language. Furthermore, the platform comes with a bunch of pre-designed content sections, pages, and widgets so you’ll be ready to go in no-time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our podcast website templates

What's the difference between all templates?

Our best-in-class templates are all based on the our own website platform – Podcastpage.io. Besides colors and design, the templates have similar functionality and capabilities. 

Any widget, section or layout you see in one template can be used on any of the other templates too! 

Are those free podcast templates?

All templates are free as long as you have an account on Podcastpage. You can easily switch between templates, add sections and content blocks to your pages and literally decide exactly how your website will look like. These are the best podcast templates out there.

When you log in to your account, you can select any of the templates for free – there’s no additional cost involved and they’re all available on all plans.

Do you have a drag & drop editor?

Yes! We’ve developed a drag & drop solution for your website’s pages so you can easily modify the content, layout, styles and more. We include 20+ custom widgets (audio player, episode list, sliders and carousels, guests & hosts, blog posts and more) so you can add tons of different styles. 

Are those WordPress podcast themes

No – Podcastapge is a standalone platform. We develop our own CMS and templates and it’s not based on WordPress or on anything else.

The platform is created specifically for podcasters so you can enjoy a bunch of unique features.

I'm not a coder or designer, help!

There’s nothing to worry about – our whole platform is no-code and you’re not expected to be a developer or have any type of technical background.

These website templates were professionally-designed and built with ease-of-use in mind. You can easily apply any template and just change the content.

I already have a site, can I change templates?

Sure. You can easily change between the templates via the “Customize” screen. Changing that will just apply the new design and color settings without changing your content.

If you want to get the same page-layout as any of the above templates, simply create a new page and add the required pre-saved template.

So many beautiful templates - which one should I pick?

Well, that’s up to you! All templates can work for any type of project, so pick the one you like best for your podcast and you’ll be able to customize everything in it.

Can I use light colors for the dark-mode templates?

Of course! If you prefer one template or the other, but don’t like the color scheme, you can easily change all colors, fonts, and other layout options in the “Customize” screen.

What's in there besides the best podcast templates?

Discover a complete website platform optimized for podcasting, way beyond podcast templates.

Custom audio players

Customize your podcast audio player in so many ways! Use a continuous or “sticky” audio player across the entire site, display your podcast host embed player, or change the default audio controls.

Podcast automation

Automatically import your podcast by connecting it into our platform. All of your future podcast episodes would always be imported and your site stays up to date so you don’t need to add any episode manually.

Powerful built-in integrations

From easy social sharing icons and podcast subscribe buttons, all the way to integrating with your favorite marketing or analytics tools like Google Analytics or Mailchimp – you can easily find it all on Podcastpage. 

Unlimited blog & custom pages

Need more content alongside your podcast episodes? We’ve got you covered. Podcastpage.io lets you create a full blog, where you can separately post articles or transcripts. You can also create custom pages.

Even more features

Beautiful templates

We offer several pre-designed podcast templates with all plans, so you can get started much faster.


We include hundreds of visual customization options across the templates. You can completely customize all podcast templates. 

Web hosting included

You don’t need to worry about server configuration or long installations. Podcastpage.io is an all-in-one solution

Page speed & SEO

All podcast templates are optimized for page speed & SEO right out of the box. Get a complete website in minutes.

Modern architecture

Our podcast website platform includes built-in caching in a global CDN, security, automatic backups, and more.

Amazing support

Our podcast website builder is easy for beginners and professionals alike. In case you need help, we’d be thrilled to hear from you!

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