Podcastpage – reviewed by Website Planet

February 26, 2021

At Podcastpage, we’ve been fortunate to be reviewed (and later interviewed) by the team at Website Planet. It’s one of the leading online resources for website building, and they have reviewed some of the best website builders out there. We’ll share some key insights from the review and interview published on Website Planet. You can read our full interview here and the Podcastpage Review here.

Here’s a quick summary of our interview at Website Planet –

What services does Podcastpage offer for podcasters?

The basic idea is to let podcasters create a beautiful podcast website and get it online in less than a minute. All you need to do is link your podcast feed, and a complete website is created for you on the spot – packed with unique features for podcasters and optimized for page speed and SEO.

Once you create the site, you can start customizing the colors and layouts, add social media links & podcast subscribe buttons, edit the custom podcast audio player, and much more.

When you publish new podcast episodes, those would be imported to the website automatically, along with the audio player, show notes, and any other available meta information available. An episode page is created automatically so you don’t even have to do anything in order to display your new episodes.

Each Podcastpage website includes unlimited custom pages, unlimited blog posts and the ability to connect custom domains. You can also integrate with third party tools and leverage powerful analytics tools, automatically cross-post your episodes on social media, capture email addresses from your visitors, and much more.

We take care of all the hosting, maintenance, servers and so on, so you can simply focus on the parts that matter most. As a no-code platform, it’s also accessible to anyone, even podcasters without any type of technical background, as no coding is required.

The websites are all optimized for SEO, and loading at top-notch speeds thanks to a global CDN network.

What makes Podcastpage better than the competitors?

There are lots of website building platform available these days. The most popular ones are probably WordPress, Squarespace and Wix, but these are not always easy for beginners. Even more so when talking about a podcast website that requires a very specific set of features that is not always easy to achieve.

Automatically importing the podcast, adding subscribe buttons, displaying an audio player or automatically posting tweets once your episodes are published are usually not part of the initial offering of those platforms. You need to add plugins or add-ons (and these might cost you) to be able to have some of the capabilities.

Podcastpage includes everything you need in an all-in-one platform – designed specifically for podcasters. It will save you time and money comparing to these platforms.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are a few podcast-first website platforms that are quite basic and only allow you to display a list of your episodes. It usually does not include custom pages or other types of content.

You are very limited with what you can do with these types of website builders. They mainly come as a side feature of another tool that these companies are offering.

Podcastpage includes some unique features that are typically not available by default on any other website building platform.

With Podcastpage, your podcast will always be front and center… there are cool features you won’t find elsewhere: I really like the easy-to-use timestamp feature and link redirect options

WebsitePlanet.com review of Podcastpage.io
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