Product Update: Multiple podcasts, automated Tweets and more!

March 14, 2021

Until now, it’s always been possible to use and create one beautiful website for your podcast, or separate websites for different podcasts under the same account. Today, we’re rolling out a new core feature – support for multiple podcasts on the same website.

This feature is fantastic for those of you who run several podcasts, but need to display all of them in one main website. It’s even better for podcast networks, as you can showcase all of your network’s podcast in one main website, while creating beautiful separate pages for each podcast on the website.

Each podcast gets it’s own page, subscribe & social buttons, show hosts and so on, so you can customize all the different variables for each one of your shows.

multiple podcasts

You can now list all of your episodes from different podcasts on your homepage. In order to make things easier both for you and for your visitors, we’ve also added a few extras all around – you can filter the homepage episodes by their podcasts. We also added a flexible search functionality both in your websites and in the Podcastpage dashboard to help find specific episodes faster.

Now there’s also a new pagination for all episodes in your admin panel, to help you browse through your podcast’s episodes much faster.

Automated Tweets

Automated podcast tweets

Several weeks ago, we’ve added a new end-to-end integration with Twitter. You can now link your Twitter account to Not only do we import your podcast episodes automatically, we also enable a way for you to automatically post them on social media as soon as they’re published. This kind of automation is highly efficient for your marketing efforts and can be a time saver.

You can easily modify the title of the Tweet, and the URL of your episodes would be automatically added so your followers can reach your website.

What Else?

We’ve added a small but helpful loading indicator on each site (which automatically gets the main color from your customizer). That’s a great improvement for your visitors’ “UX” (user experience) and it gives a real time indication of the pages.

We’ve also made some significant improvements around the dashboard, and you’ll definitely feel the change as soon as you log in, it’s much faster and we’ve made a bunch of design improvements.

You can now also change several details of your podcasts, like the default content tag to be imported/used, add specific subscribe and social buttons per podcast, and add multiple show host for each show. You can also modify the podcast title and description if needed.

Thank you for choosing Podcastpage, and stay tuned until the next batch of updates!

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