Product Update: Podchaser integration

September 14, 2021

We’re excited to officially announce our partnership with Podchaser! With this integration, podcasters will be able to import & display their podcast reviews from Podchaser on their Podcastpage websites. Additionally, you can now submit your podcast to Podchaser, and lastly, direct your visitors to submit new reviews to your Podchaser profile.

Podchaser is a podcast discovery tool. It’s one of the largest podcast databases! Podchaser creates a page for each podcast and allows podcast listeners to review the podcasts that are listed there. Additionally, it allows listeners to follow other listeners and read their reviews. It can help podcasts reach a wider audience and make it easier for listeners to find relevant podcasts.

You can add your podcast to Podchaser, or claim your podcast if it is already listed there. Let’s first see why podcast reviews are important, and then how the integration works –

How important are podcast reviews?

How often do you buy products without reading a review or hearing about them from someone you trust? When the buyer has several options to choose from, the seller must simplify the process for him or her. You are the seller here, “selling” your podcast to potential podcast listeners.

A survey done by The Podcast Host asked podcast listeners about the factors they look for when selecting a new show. The podcast’s ratings and reviews ranked as the fourth item on the list, right after its name, episode title, and frequency of episodes release..

Having established that podcast reviews are important, let’s examine the benefits you receive from them:

  1. Social proof – as mentioned above, podcast listeners take into account the podcast reviews and ratings. When they see that other people are recommending your podcast, it’s the social proof they need to give it a try.
  2. SEO – adding the reviews to your podcast website and to other platforms (like Podchaser) can help attract organic traffic by adding keywords and references.
  3. Increase engagement – letting your listeners show their appreciation can, in turn, get them to be more involved and engaged in your “podcast community”.
  4. Boost your motivation – like anything in life, sometimes you have a lack of motivation or energy to continue doing the things you do. Seeing some love from your listeners can help put wind in your sails.

Now that you want podcast reviews, how can you get them?

How does the Podchaser integration work on Podcastpage?

There are essentially 3 different parts of our integration with Podchaser:

1. Submit your podcasts to Podchaser

It’s now possible to submit your podcast to Podchaser right from the integrations screen on

podchaser integration - podcastpage

You can see in the image above that the first three podcasts are already listed on Podchaser. However, “Brains” does not appear to be listed yet. You can submit your podcast to Podchaser by simply clicking on the Submit button. Once you click the “Submit” button, Podchaser would add your podcast to their own database, and you could later claim that page on Podchaser, let people submit reviews, add more information and so on.

2. Import your podcast reviews from Podchaser

We import your podcast reviews from Podchaser automatically. When you create a podcast website with Podcastpage, we automatically pull your reviews from Podchaser (and iTunes / Apple Podcasts). You don’t have to do anything here, other than decide which reviews you want to appear on your website and which you’d like to hide.

You can edit the reviews on the Podcasts tab. Click on the star icon and see all of your reviews there –

3. Add a review submission form to your website

Your website review form now automatically includes a link to Podchaser. Click on the Podchaser logo to visit the podcast’s Podchaser page and leave a review there.

podchaser submit a review

To add this form, go to the “Pages” tab, create a new page or edit an existing one. Under the “Page Content” editor click on the Review Form button, and it will add the form to the page you selected.


It’s important to give your podcast listeners a way to write a review about it, and then display it on your podcast website. With the new Podchaser integration, it’s not only possible but very easy to do!

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