Product Update: The Next Generation is Here

November 14, 2022

We are super excited to announce one of the largest updates has seen to date. The best website builder for podcast and audio/video creators just got a whole lot better!

In this post, we’ll do a quick overview on some of the recent additions to the platform. The most significant feature we rolled out includes a full drag & drop page builder and a fresh set of themes.
These two updates unlock an endless potential to what you can do with Podcastpage!

Beyond that, over the past few months, we’ve also added a few more cool features like support for importing YouTube video channels and playlists, creating participant (guest/host/editors etc.) profile pages and intake forms, and the ability to invite your team members to help you manage the site.

So, let’s dive right into it and explore these exciting new features you’re about to enjoy:

A Brand New Page Builder

Our new drag & drop page builder really gives you the ultimate control on your podcast website. You can create any type of layout, fully edit your homepage or any other inner-page. On top of that we’ve included a ton of newly added powerful widgets for all of your needs –

You can easily add lists of episodes, podcasts, reviews, guests/hosts, blog posts, videos, or simply add popular widgets like subscribe buttons, audio player (or playlist) and much more.

Additionally, the editor includes a section with pre-saved content blocks/templates and full pages ready for you to add to your site in just one click. Easily add CTA blocks, fully designed custom pages (like “Contact Us” or “About Us” page example), or a full homepage.

Launching an awesome site has never been easier – you can go from A to Z in just a few clicks. Import your podcast or YouTube channel, choose a template, customize the styles, and you’re all set. You now have a full website with lots of advanced functionality!

9+ New Website Templates

Alongside the new page editor, we are launching a new set of 9 podcast website templates. These are being released after a ton of research, design, experiments and development – we carefully listed the needs, goals and required-functionality for launching a professional website for podcasters (yet, still super-easy to create).

These templates will make your life so much easier. They include a full website with pages, layouts, designs and everything is pre-created for you – the only thing you’ll need to do is connect your podcast or YouTube channel, change a couple of demo texts, and your brand new site is ready. How cool is that?

The templates are all very different from one another in terms of styles, layouts, typography and overall design. (the functionality is similar across the entire platform, though.) Our templates are based on modern design concepts, and are clean and attractive to catch your visitors’ eyes. You really have such a wide variety of styles you can choose from and upgrade your site to the next level.

Our templates also showcase all the different capabilities you can achieve with From full-width sections, to playlist widgets, contact forms, carousels or episode lists – we’ve got you covered!

Together with the new Page Builder mentioned above, these are true game-changers for podcasters and creators. Not only do you get the ultimate design freedom, and the ability to create your own layouts exactly how your pages need to look like, but you’re also enjoying custom “components” that you won’t see in any other website platform like the list of episodes, podcasts, videos, playlists, audio players, subscribe buttons and much more. Each component includes a bunch of settings and options you can customize, so your possibilities are endless!

Import your YouTube Channels & Playlists

A few months back, we’ve added the ability to create full websites based on videos from YouTube.
(We currently support any source for embed videos. However, we only support YouTube for auto-imports and syncing with an existing channel.) updates - Add Videos Page

You can easily import your entire YouTube channel (or playlist) and list all of your videos just like we support podcasts and podcast episodes.

With this integration, it’s now possible to add multiple YouTube channels on the same site, so it’s easy to create your own “network” website that includes separate YouTube channels or playlists.

Once the videos are imported, each individual video automatically gets its own page/URL, a page is created for the main channel/playlist information, and you’ll be able to list all episodes wherever you want on your site – whether you want a podcast + videos site, or just have one of the two – it’ll work!

What Else? A Few Other Updates

We’ve never really took the time to officially announce a couple of very exciting features we’ve added earlier in the year.

First of all, we’ve introduced the ability to add team members to your site. If you need some help managing your site’s content, or have a partner who works on the site with you – you can invite your team members to help out manage the site.

Depending on the plan you’re on, you should be able to invite collaborators so they can add/edit/manage content on the site.

Team members can’t delete the site or access your billing/plan settings or information, so it’s safe to add members even if they’re outside your organization.

And lastly, we wanted to mention the “Participants” feature released earlier this year as well. Participants can be anyone who takes part of your podcast or video channel production, or blog posts. Any person who is featured on your website, shows, episodes, videos, or blog posts can be added and a profile page on the website is created for them. You can add as many participants as you’d like, and assign them any custom “role” or title you prefer. (i.e. – “Podcast Guest”, “Co-Host”, “Editor”, “Producer” or any custom role/title).

You can add participants to podcasts and video channels, individual podcast episodes and video episodes, and blog posts. You can then list all participants on another page or filter that list by role.

All participants get their own URL/page on the site, and you can add their full bio information, social media or website links, and list all the episodes/posts they took part in.

We also include a “Guest Intake Form” which you can add to any page. This is where potential guests can sign up and submit their information for you to review. They add all the required data in order to be on your show, and you can approve their profile right away or review and contact them directly for further information.

These couple of updates really focus on collaboration – you can work together with your website team, and also with your podcast team and make your website even greater.

That’s All Folks!

This edition of our Product Updates series stops here. Rest assured we’re already heavily involved working on additional features and improvements. We constantly improve the platform, so be sure to check the changelog in your dashboard from time to time.

The platform is so much more powerful now that your options are really endless. We really took the leap to the next level with the Page Builder – there’s no other website builder aimed for podcasters or audio/video creators that offers the same level of flexibility, design and automation.

These past few months have probably been the most exciting months for Podcastpage to date, but the platform will continue to get even better. We can’t wait to share the next few things we’re working on!

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