Product update: Voice messages, reviews, and more

July 31, 2021

We have really exciting updates for you from the latest round of features added to the Podcastpage platform. Here’s a quick recap of the most recent features added to Podcastpage.

1. Voice messages

You can now get recoded voicemail messages from your visitors and podcast listeners. There’s no need to integrate with any external platform or paid service – we’re including this feature for all Podcastapge customers, with all plans.

You can add a sticky voicemail button either on the right side of the screen or on the bottom right (as a button with customizable text or just an icon).

It’s also super easy to add the voicemail recorder and form into any page, blog post, widget or episode.

podcast voice messages podcastpage

The recordings will be sent to the email address with which you have signed up to You can always change the email settings so you will get the recordings on a different inbox, if you prefer.

2. Podcast Reviews

Another important update that is now included on all plans is to import your podcast’s reviews from Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and Podchaser. We import reviews from multiple iTunes “storefronts”, so you’ll be able to read and feature reviews for your podcast from dozens of different countries.

You can browse through all your reviews in one place within your dashboard, or display the reviews on your website in multiple locations.

You can add the reviews list on any page, episode or blog post you want. Just click on the reviews button that appears within the editor of any of your pages. You can also enable a link to open a popup with the reviews list directly from your homepage or individual podcast page.

Reviews are automatically imported continuously. There is nothing you have to do or change in order to get the latest reviews for your podcasts. If there’s a review you’re not happy with or want to feature on the site, you can easily click on the “hide review” icon to move it to the “hidden reviews” section.

podcast reviews podcastpage

3. Misc. – Playlists and category filters

We added a playlist pop up that shows your most recent episodes directly from the sticky audio player. It helps your visitors select and play a certain episode from any page/location within the site (as long as the sticky audio player is showing).

Additionally, we’ve added a dynamic category filter option you can add to your homepage and singular podcast pages. Once you have several categories added across your episodes, you can add filters to dynamically load just one of those category and move across categories without leaving the page.

We are working constantly on adding features that are important to podcasters and making your podcast websites so much better!

Stay tuned to future updates.

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