How to Create a Podcast Website with Sounder (In 3 Steps)

October 29, 2022

If you’re planning on running a podcast using, you might be wondering how you can create an optimal website for your show. While this tool can help you out with distribution and analytics, it doesn’t offer a platform where you can promote your podcast and expand your audience.

Sounder is a podcast hosting platform that launched in 2019. They offer several interesting features like the ability to run text searches throughout your published episodes, automatically creating transcripts, and dynamic ad monetization services. Many podcasters are using Sounder to host and grow their podcast. One major thing where Sounder comes relatively short is the podcast website capability.

That’s where Podcastpage comes in. Our full website builder gives you extensive customization and podcast tools that can help you create a website in minutes. If you want the best of both worlds, you can leverage Sounder and Podcastpage to give your show an upgrade. 

In this article, we’ll dive into Sounder and discuss some of its main features. Then, we’ll show you how to create a complete podcast website for your Sounder hosted podcast using Podcastpage. Let’s get to work!

An Introduction to Sounder and Podcastpage

As described above, Sounder is a podcast hosting platform. In addition to distribution, it can help people monetize their audio business using data and insights:

The Sounder homepage.

It offers features such as brand safety, contextual targeting, and more.

While this tool is good if you’re looking for a podcast hosting provider with some added analytics, it doesn’t provide you with a way to build a podcast website. This might be a major drawback if you want to grow your audience and create a central hub for your show.

With Podcastpage, you’ll be able to build a customized website that allows you to expand your show’s reach:

The Podcastpage homepage.

You’ll get many benefits when using Podcastpage, including:

  • Professionally-designed podcast website templates
  • Podcast features like an audio player and episode feed potential
  • Straightforward design customization without coding
  • Website hosting optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In short, Podcastpage provides you with all the elements you need to create a unique website for your audio show.

How to Create a Podcast Website with Podcastpage and Sounder (3 Tips)

You can use Sounder for podcast hosting and analytics, but it doesn’t have a comprehensive website-building feature. So, now we’re going to discuss how you can create a unique website using Podcastpage!

1. Build Your Website Quickly

Podcastpage enables you to create your website without ever touching a line of code. Our drag-and-drop page builder helps you make a unique site in no time and has features that are optimized to promote your podcast.

First of all, you’ll get access to tons of pre-made theme options. That way, you won’t have to spend hours putting together different design elements for your page:

Choosing a theme on Podcastpage

There are dozens of designs that you can select according to your brand and style preferences. The core features and functionality is similar across all templates, but the design-language and look & feel can vary, so choose the one you like best (and you can always change or customize it later!). Here’s one quick example from the “Monk” template:

The Monk theme on Podcastpage

Additionally, the “Duke” template is designed in a playful and modern full-width style:

The Duke theme on Podastpage.

Each theme has built-in elements that make it easy to create a podcast website specifically. Meaning, most themes contain key pages for episodes, reviews, and more.

Still, if you want to change something, you can easily edit whichever one you choose. You can tailor your website by navigating to your Podcastpage dashboard and clicking the Customize tab:

The Customize tab on Podcastpage's dashboard.

For example, you can customize your blog post design by adding header images, date displays, and more:

Editing the header image of blog posts.

You can also use pre-made sections, page templates, as well as custom blocks and widgets to easily publish more types of content.

Podcastpage gives you the power to edit colors, layouts, and additional settings. This way, you can easily customize and personalize almost any design feature.

2. Customize Your Website’s Podcast Features

As we mentioned, Podcastpage’s website builder enables you to create web designs that are customized for podcast sites specifically. Using our platform, you can import episodes, add audio players, and more.

To get started with some of our podcast features, navigate to the Podcasts tab in your Podcastpage dashboard. This page is where you can import all of your show’s episodes:

sounder podcast website - add your podcast

After you’ve added your podcast and episodes, you’ll be able to create a unique audio player that will live on your website. Do this by navigating to the front-end page builder and clicking on Audio Player:

Editing the audio player on Podcastpage front end.

Here, you can create a unique audio player by editing different design elements, such as icon color, buttons, and fonts.

What’s more, it’s easy to connect your existing podcast and automatically import all past and future episodes. This will help you streamline your workflow, creating an optimal website for your show.

3. Optimize Your Page for SEO

While Sounder has some useful features, it can’t create a page that is optimized for podcast SEO. This inhibits your ability to reach the widest audience possible.  

On the contrary, when you create a website using Podcastpage, you’ll get premium features automatically built into your site. This includes caching, a process that allows your site to load quickly for users. You’ll also get a content delivery network (CDN), which will boost your site’s availability and performance.

Additionally, you’ll be able to add elements that can boost your SEO rankings. In your dashboard, you can navigate to General > Meta & SEO to find all the settings you can customize to generate more organic traffic:

The Site & Meta SEO tab for Podcastpage.

For example, adding a title to your page will help search engines know the subject of your show:

Adding a site title to Podcastpage website.

This way, when search engine bots “crawl” your website, they’ll find the information they need. Meaning, they can more easily and accurately rank your page.

One last way you can boost your website is by connecting your social media platforms to your website in the Integrations tab:

The Integrations tab on the Podcastpage dashboard.

When you link social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter to your website, you can promote your podcast more efficiently. This can ultimately help boost SEO and expand your audience.


If you’re just getting started, you may be struggling to find the tools that can take your podcast to the next level. Podcastpage enables you to create a website using pre-made templates, SEO features, and powerful integrations. That means you can use our tool on top of Sounder’s standard podcast hosting to level up and grow your audience.

To recap, here are three tips to consider when making your podcast site with Podcastpage:

  1. Build your pages quickly. You can easily speed up your site-building process using our pre-made themes. This way, you can start growing your listenership right away.
  2. Customize your site’s podcast features. With our straightforward podcast features you can easily add an audio player, import episodes, and more. To optimize your process, you can even sync up your RSS feed.
  3. Optimize your page for SEO. If you want to further expand your audience, you can leverage our tool’s beginner-friendly Meta & SEO settings. You can even connect your website to your show’s social media accounts.

Do you have any questions about creating a podcast website with Sounder and Podcastpage? Let us know in the comments section below!

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