How to create a podcast website with Spreaker

February 18, 2021

Spreaker, the podcast hosting company owned by Voxnest (which is itself owned by iHeartMedia), has been operating in the podcasting world since 2009. They have a podcast creator app, as well as a podcast audio player app for the listeners. You can start your podcast on Spreaker or migrate your podcast there from your existing podcast host. It’s easy to create a Spreaker podcast website, and in this article we’ll learn just that!

Spreaker includes a bunch of nice features for podcasters – from Podcast Distribution, Monetization (with dynamic/programmatic ads), Podcast Analytics, Enterprise Podcasting, Recording and the listening app as well. While it’s a great place to host your show, Spreaker doesn’t include a website or marketing features right out of the box. You might be wondering how to create a podcast website with Spreaker if you host your podcast there – In this article we’ll learn how to create a beautiful website for Spreaker hosted podcasts.

If you’re not already using Spreaker, you can easily start with their free plan. It includes up to 5 hours of audio storage, up to 10 episodes, unlimited listeners, and the recording app mentioned above. You can always upgrade to a better fitting plan later on.

Spreaker websites

Every podcast that is hosted on Spreaker automatically gets a free podcast web page on their own website. This page displays your episodes, links to your actual website or Twitter profile, and shows some other contact details. While it’s always nice to have your podcast somewhere online, it’s definitely not enough to be considered as your podcast website.

spreaker podcast website
Spreaker podcast page example

As you can see from the example above, there’s not a lot of options or content there. Your brand sits under the Spreaker website, with their logo, header, footer and links.
You can’t customize the colors, add any blog posts, additional custom pages, links, content and more. On top of this, you can’t design the page to look like what you envision.

If you are looking to have all of those capabilities, and you should be, as there are a lot of benefits to having a full scale podcast website, look no further. We’ll now review the best way to create a podcast website for Spreaker –

Creating your Spreaker website with Podcastpage

Podcastpage is an easy-to-use podcast website builder. It lets you build your own podcast website, regardless of the podcast host you’re actually using (it supports all hosts!). All you need to do is have your podcast RSS link available, and you are set to go and create a website in under a minute.

Start by creating your own account on Then, create your website by picking a name for your website. Now, you can find your podcast feed by either searching for your podcast (If it is already on Apple Podcasts), or copy and paste your RSS feed link and put it in the tab below.

Finally, you need to pick a podcast website template, and start customizing your website with the visual customizer.

Once you’re done creating your site, don’t forget to publish it on your own domain. You can also connect to several marketing and analytic services through the “Integrations” panel, and much more. Podcastpage would then automatically import all your previous episodes (and future/new episodes) from Spreaker. You can use the default audio player, or switch to the Spreaker embed player in a click of a button, we also import it automatically for you!

Podcastpage also supports unlimited custom pages and blog posts, creating affiliate links from your domains (also known as short-links), and display multiple podcasts on one main website.

Podcast website tips

If you’ve started to build your website but you’re not sure what to do next or what content should be included inside, here’s a list of tips and best practices for podcast websites:

  1. Display all your episodes in one location and make it easy to listen straight from your homepage.
  2. Add a description about your podcast and about the podcast host.
  3. Add some images and your podcast image/logo.
  4. Create a separate page for each episode and add the show notes there. If you want to read more about show notes read this.
  5. Share links of your social media accounts.
  6. Display all the other apps and players where people can find your podcast. Make it easy to subscribe!
  7. Add a way to contact you and a way for listeners to leave their details in a contact form.

That’s basically it. You should share quality content within your podcast website, and keep it well designed. Getting a good custom URL is important so visitors or listeners can remember it and come back and visit again.


Spreaker is a great podcast host, offering many tools for podcasters. They have both free and premium plans for most of their features. Their podcast page or website is probably not enough for most podcasters. You should definitely create a real podcast website for your podcast. is the perfect companion for your Spreaker podcast.

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