Affiliate Program Terms

Our affiliate program is managed by, which also serves as our payment gateway partner for transactions on our website. While they have their own terms and guidelines, we would also like to add a few basic terms/info for our affiliates –

  • We manually approve affiliates and only approve affiliates that are serious about it.
  • Coupon, SEO magazines, and generic marketing or deals websites are not allowed.
  • Abusing our affiliate program would lead to a ban on your account.
  • We reserve the right to change the affiliate program terms or terminate any affiliate account at any time if we feel the account was not acting in good faith.
  • We keep cookies for 30 days. This means that even if you sent a visitor our way today, and they only make a purchase in 29 days and 23 hours, you’ll still get a commission.
  • Minimum payout of $100 USD. You can increase the minimum payout through your dashboard if you prefer.
  • Remember – we highly appreciate our affiliates, but you cannot act as if you are part of the team at Affiliates cannot provide info as if it was on our behalf.