Affiliate Program Terms

Violations of the above will result in affiliate suspension without warning.

  • Coupon, SEO magazines, and generic marketing or deals websites are not allowed.
  • Abusing our affiliate program would lead to a ban on your account.
  • We reserve the right to change the affiliate program terms or terminate any affiliate account at any time if we feel the account was not acting in good faith.
  • We keep cookies for 60 days. This means that even if you sent a visitor our way today, and they only make a purchase in 59 days and 23 hours, you’ll still get a commission.
  • Commissions are only granted 30 days after each successful payment.
  • Minimum payout of $100 USD.
  • Running Google ad (or any other search-based ads) campaigns for affiliate links or is not allowed.
  • Misleading content or false information that contain affiliate links would be blocked.
  • No SPAM emails, cookie stuffing, or other “black-hat” activities are allowed.