How to upload your podcast to Apple Podcasts (iTunes)

August 17, 2021

Podcast listeners are using podcasting apps to listen to their favorite podcasts, but also to discover new podcasts. One of the most popular apps/ podcast directories is Apple Podcasts. We’ll share below everything you need to know to successfully upload your podcast to Apple Podcasts Connect (iTunes).

Recently Apple Podcasts created a paid program for podcasters where Apple hosts the podcast, publish it, displays relevant podcasting analytics, and allows podcasters to sell paid subscriptions to their listeners. Below we will be discussing about the other route, which does not involve Apple’s paid program.

Either way, all shows must pass technical validations and a review process before they will be available on Apple Podcasts.

Here’s how you add your show to Apple Podcasts for free:

Uploading your podcast to Apple Podcasts (iTunes)

1. Publish your podcast

First things first, do you already have a podcast published?

If you are beginning your podcasting journey, start by picking a podcast host. The podcast host job is to store and distribute your audio files and everything around your podcast. Once you have your podcast hosted with one of the podcast hosts, they create a podcast RSS feed for you.

The RSS feed includes your podcast title, description, artwork, episode show notes, and much more. It is written according to specific RSS guidelines, so your RSS should work on most of the podcasting platforms.

There’s a debate whether you should host your podcast on your own or use the podcasting host services out there. It is usually more recommended to use on of the hosting services, as they make sure your podcast can be listened to around the globe at the same quality and speed. There are some free podcasting host platforms, some have beginner plans, and some are fully paid. Choose the one you feel the most comfortable with.

If you already have published your podcast, you can simply submit it to Apple Podcasts. It’s an easy process you can do via the Apple Podcast Connect portal or via your podcast hosting provider directly, but more on that next.

podcasting on apple podcasts connect

2. Create an Apple Podcasts Connect account

Apple Podcasts Connect is the place for you to submit and manage your shows. How do you create your account?

  1. Create an Apple ID – to use Apple Services you’ll need an Apple ID. You can use your own personal Apple ID (if you already have been using an iPhone or some other Apple product), or you can create a new one dedicated to your podcast.
  2. Join Apple Podcasts Connect – Your Podcasts Connect account will be linked to your Apple ID.
  3. Optional – Sign up for the Apple Podcasters Program if you’d like to start selling paid subscription to your listeners.

3. Add your show to Apple Podcasts Connect:

  1. Click on the Add (+) button and select New Show on Apple Podcasts Connect.
  2. Choose “Add a show with an RSS feed.”
  3. Enter the RSS feed URL. (You can find your RSS feed URL under the settings tab on your podcast host website.)
  4. Choose if you’d like to restrict access to your show within your account. Only the users you have set up in your account will see the show in Apple Podcasts Connect.
  5. Under Availability you can .
    • Countries or Regions: Decide where you want your show to be available.
    • Distribution: Pick if you’d like to make your feed publicly available. This makes your RSS feed available in the Apple Podcasts Catalog API which in turn allows podcast app developers to include your show in their app.
    • Show Release: Choose if your show should be released right away or select a time to release it on Apple Podcasts.
  6. Review the Show Information page to make sure everything looks right.
  7. Confirm that your show has rights to any third-party content it may contain under Content Rights.
  8. Submit your show for review.

Why is Apple Podcasts so important for you as a podcaster?

As mentioned at the start of this article, Apple’s directory one of the most popular ones. Furthermore, it’s important for the following reasons:

  1. Around 1 billion people are using iPhone worldwide. Coming right after Spotify, Apple’s app is the most popular app for listening to podcasts among podcast listeners in the United States. So you must have your podcast where your listeners are.
  2. Other apps and developers are using Apple’s database. We, at, are using it to help you find your podcast in less than a second instead of searching for your podcast RSS feed URL and pasting it.
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