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We are obsessed with helping podcasters like you create an online space for their show by making the best podcast website platform possible. Learn below why we think you'll love Podcastpage compared to your current solution.


Switch from WordPress

WordPress is great, but not necessarily easy. You’ll probably end up paying a lot more for hosting, plugins and themes to make it work for your podcast website.

Switch from Squarespace

Some all-in-one solutions can come up short on all fronts. Don’t limit your podcast/site to 300 episodes, relatively small audio file-sizes, and no video podcast support.

Switch from Podpage

Your website deserves a platform that empowers your show – not holding you back. Try Podcastpage for free and enjoy better features, ease-of-use, design and pricing.

Switch from Wix

Complex platforms & editors won’t help you create a better podcast site. Your website builder should be powerful – but simplicity is key. 

Switch from Carrd

A great solution for one-page sites, Carrd is also quite limited when you need to go the extra mile. Use a platform that’s built for podcasting.

Switch from Webflow

Webflow may be perfect to design complex visual elements, but getting a podcast on your site shouldn’t be rocket science or require an expert.

Switch from LinkTree

Your website is too important to compromise on basic tools. Create your full website with a beautiful design and industry-leading functionality on Podcastpage.

Switch from RadioPublic

Serious podcasters should use serious tools for the websites. If you want a limitless, flexible and customizable platform for your website, check out Podcastpage today.


Switch from FreePodcastWebsites.com

Need more than a basic website to really start growing your podcast? Podcastpage is the right tool for you! See how it compares to Transistor Websites.

Switch from OnPodium

If you’re ready to take the next step towards a beautiful, powerful and unique podcast website – Podcastpage is the answer.

Switch from Your Podcast Host's Website

You still run a basic website included with your podcast hosting platform? Unleash your website with more powerful features, custom domains, audio players and so much more! Your podcast hosting provider may be great, but can they make great websites?

“You can’t go wrong with Podcastpage.io, since it does most of the heavy lifting for you. Gone are the days of creating new WordPress blog posts for each episode. It’s magic!
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Focus on your podcast

With Podcastpage, you can spend more time on your podcast while having a perfect website without the headaches that usually come with it. Try Podcastpage for free today and find out how easy it can be to create your site and grow your podcast.  
No coding required.