Carrd vs Podcastpage

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What's the difference between Podcastpage and Carrd?

Carrd is a cool landing page builder that helps users create great sites. Podcastpage, at its core, was built specifically for podcasters. As so, it’s so much easier to start your podcast website with Podcastpage rather than with Carrd.

The Carrd platform is optimized to be used on “One-Pager” websites. This means you’ll only have one page on your site, or have to use workarounds to create multiple pages. For podcasts, this isn’t ideal – you’ll definitely want your episodes to be on their own pages/URLs for a better reading, sharing (and SEO) experience.

Carrd allows you to add audio files and direct your visitors to the other podcasting platforms. It’s a nice start, but it’s not enough for a full podcast website. Podcastpage has everything a podcaster needs. From automatic episode sync, to social & subscribe buttons, professional audio player, and much more!

We’re passionate about podcasting and are here to keep making your podcasting life easier.

The podcasting features you've always wanted

Automatically import your podcast episodes (and the content) and stay in-sync with future episodes.

Get professionally designed podcasting templates, audio players, timestamps, auto tweets with links to new episodes, and much more.


Easy to start and scale

Simply connect your podcast and get a podcast website ready in under a minute.

It’s easy to grow your podcast website with Podcastpage. Add unlimited pages and blog posts, contact & newsletter forms, and more.

You can even add more than one show if you run a podcast network!

Make it your own

Easily customize every little element on your site. Change colors, fonts, layouts and much more. Use a custom audio player or import the embed one from your podcast hosting company. 

We’ve got you covered with 3rd party integrations. We make it easy to integrate with marketing, analytics, social, and membership platforms.

Podcastpage Customizer

Carrd vs Podcastpage feature comparison

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