Linktree vs Podcastpage

Linktree is a popular "mini-site" platform that many podcasters are using. But is it the best solution for your podcast? Learn why we think you'll love Podcastpage compared to Linktree.


What's the difference between Podcastpage and Linktree?

Linktree is a platform that makes it easy to share links to all your content across different platforms. You can add links to social networks, podcast hosting platforms, websites, articles and more. This is great in terms of simplicity, but this simplicity can also have negative consequences. 

If you want to own your brand, and direct your followers to one main online hub – choose over Linktree. Podcastpage is a website builder that was built specifically for podcasters.

Linktree can’t play your episodes, you can’t add content other than links like blog posts or custom pages, and it doesn’t really integrate with other solutions that you may need. Podcastpage has everything a podcaster needs in a podcast website – you’ll get a complete, professional website in just a few clicks.

We’re passionate about podcasting and are here to keep making your podcasting life easier.

This is why you need more than a few links

Don’t settle for someone else’s brand. Instead of collecting visitors and sending them across various online places, build your own podcast website under your own domain, and add all your content right there.

Having a “link only” page would confuse your visitors and give them little options to really enjoy your content.


Podcast features to help you grow your podcast

Podcastpage gives you everything you need to run a full podcast website with tons of content.

Great audio player, timestamps, social & subscribe buttons, contact form, voice messages from your listeners, custom pages/blog and so much more!

It's so simple and automatic

Creating a full podcast website doesn’t mean it has to be complex to create. With Podcastpage, you’ll be able to launch your site in just a few minutes.
Simply connect your podcast, and your site will be already populated with your podcast content (show notes, descriptions, artwork, and more).

Your site stays in-sync with future episodes, so you can focus on your podcast content.

Linktree vs Podcastpage feature comparison

See why podcasters choose Podcastpage:




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