Podpage vs Podcastpage

When you look for the perfect platform for your podcast website, don't settle on a platform that holds you back. Podcastpage is the best solution for your podcast website. Read more bellow why we think you'll absolutely love Podcastpage compared to Podpage.


What's the difference between Podcastpage and Podpage?

Both Podpage and Podcastpage are website platforms for podcasters. Don’t let this fool you, Podcastpage is the only platform you should consider for your podcast. It includes more advanced features, better user experience & design, and is way easier to use. Try Podcastpage today

Podpage doesn’t use the same innovative technologies that we use here at Podcastpage.io. The platform was created from the ground up by our dedicated team, specifically for podcasters. At Podcastpage, we are committed to build every single feature the right way. You won’t find us cutting corners or bloating the platform with incomplete or useless features.

Podpage will cost you more time, efforts and yes – also money when you compare it to Podcastpage. The platform is cumbersome and not as easy to use, while the pricing structure is confusing and expensive. Podcastpage is much cheaper, easier to use, and provides a flawless experience all around.

Podcastpage will make your life easier, automate more parts of your website, and at a better price. It’s a no brainer!

Create a website that can actually grow with your podcast

Podpage only gives you a handful of pre-configured options that will eventually hold you back.

Podcastpage doesn’t limit you or your website – you’ll find it easy to scale, grow and customize your site as you go.

It’s easy to use and customize to fit your needs.

Try for free

Know exactly what you get for your money

With Podcastpage, you get much more possibilities for a fraction of the price. 

Import your reviews, receive email and voicemail from your listeners, create unlimited pages, blog posts and enjoy more features at a better price.

Podcastpage is much more flexible – you can add different types of content to different pages, change the titles or URLs, translate your site to other languages and more.

Give your listeners the experience they deserve​

Allow your listeners to search for episodes based on keywords or categories. Let them listen, subscribe and share your show easily, right from the home page.

Use the sticky audio player to allow them to go through your website while keep listening to the same episode across pages.

You and your listeners deserve the most professional solution with quality design and performance. Don’t waste your time on below-average alternatives you’ll regret trying. 

Podcastpage gives you everything you need, and much more. Try Podcastpage.io today.

Podpage vs Podcastpage feature comparison

When the price-point and feature-set are so one sided, there's no debate - Podcastpage is the only platform you'll ever need for your podcast website.




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