RadioPublic vs Podcastpage

Thinking about creating your Podsite? With Podcastpage, you'll be able to launch in just a few minutes while enjoying a variety of layouts, customization options and features. Learn why we think you'll love Podcastpage compared to RadioPublic.


What's the difference between Podcastpage and RadioPublic?

RadioPublic offers a simple one-pager website for podcasts. However, it’s not fully customizable and does not fulfill the need of a real website. Podcastpage, at its core, is a full-blown website builder that was built specifically for podcasters. It gives you everything you need for a podcast website.

Using RadioPublic’s platform to build your podcast website means your site will be under RadioPbulic’s brand. You can’t remove their name from your website. Also, you can’t really add custom pages and change most of the layout. With Podcastpage everything is customizable, you are in full control.

We’re passionate about podcasting and are here to keep making your podcasting life easier.

Fully customizable podcast website

With Podcastpage you can customize the layout, colors, navigation bar, audio player, pages, sidebars, and much more. Easily design the site to look exactly as you want, or use a pre-designed template.

Don’t limit yourself to just a couple of design options and basic layouts – Podcastpage is fully customizable.

RadioPublic's platform

Advanced podcasting features

Discover a platform that gives you everything you need to build your podcast website. 

Auto import your episodes, add unlimited custom pages and blog posts, stay in sync with future episodes. Use the custom audio player, or your host’s embed player, include timestamps, voice messaging, and so much more!

Podcastpage also comes with a perfect SEO score right out of the box. You don’t have to worry about tech, maintenance or updates

Give your listeners the experience they deserve

Allow your listeners to search for episodes based on keywords or categories. Let them listen, subscribe and share your show easily, right from the home page.

Use the sticky audio player to allow them to go through your website while keep listening to the same episode across pages.

RadioPublic vs Podcastpage feature comparison

Podcastpage makes it better, easier and faster to create the ultimate podcast website.




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