Squarespace vs Podcastpage

While Squarespace might advertise on a lot of podcasts - their platform isn't really built for podcasters. Learn why we think you'll love Podcastpage compared to Squarespace.


What's the difference between Podcastpage and Squarespace?

Squarespace is a generic website builder that many people use to create great websites. It’s highly popular among small business owners or for portfolio websites. But for podcast websites – it may get too difficult to use. Podcastpage, at its core, was built specifically for podcasters. As so, it’s so much easier to build, launch and maintain your podcast website with Podcastpage than with Squarespace.

Squarespace might be intuitive for someone just starting to build a simple website, but it’s not that easy when you want to build a podcast website. When you need to import your podcast automatically, display audio players, subscribe buttons, and integrate with 3rd party services – Podcastpage is simply better. 

Forget about going through menus & settings to figure out how to connect your podcast RSS feed and display your episodes with a nice audio player. With Podcastpage, you can set it in just a few clicks and launch your complete website in under a couple of minutes.

We’re passionate about podcasting and are here to keep making your podcasting life easier.

Powerful automations

Podcastpage pulls all of your content from your podcast so you already have the podcast data, episode pages with show notes and meta info ready and published.

The podcast stays up to date with future episodes, and can even automatically post your episode on your twitter account!


Focused on podcasting features

Podcastpage gives you everything you need in a podcast website; audio timestamps, customizable audio player, episode search, voice messaging, and much more!

Why spend precious time on putting the different pieces together on Squarespace when you can get a seamless experience with Podcastpage?

Get unlimited episodes, pages and blog posts

While Squarespace is limiting you with number of episodes and audio files size, Podcastpage gives you unlimited amount of episodes, custom pages, and blog posts.

Get the freedom to build the podcast website you’ve always wanted.

Squarespace vs Podcastpage feature comparison

See why so many podcasters choose Podcastpage over Squarespace:




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