Wix vs Podcastpage

Wix is a highly popular website builder. They offer a great editor to help users create their own sites, but is it the best tool for your podcast? What's the best Wix alternative for podcasters? Learn below why we think you'll love Podcastpage compared to Wix.


What's the difference between Podcastpage and Wix?

Wix is a generic website builder that helps millions of users create websites for their businesses. This, however, doesn’t mean it’s easy and optimized for podcast websites. Podcastpage, at its core, was built specifically for podcasters. When working on podcast sites, Podcastpage is much easier to get started with compared to Wix.

Wix is not really ideal for podcasting. You’ll have to learn how to use their advanced editor, and at times improvise to ensure your website is actually working for your podcast. With Wix, it’s even a little complex to import existing podcasts or edit your existing episodes. Podcastpage has everything you need for a podcast website, without skipping a beat. Use the custom audio player, subscribe and social buttons, automatic episode imports (including show notes and transcriptions), timestamps, and much more.

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Podcasting features

With Podcastpage you get tons of podcasting features that are not always available on Wix.

Custom and embed audio players, timestamps, voice messages from your listeners, auto tweet new episodes, social & subscribe buttons and much more.

While Wix does offer a player, it’s limited and not as customizable as you would expect.


Meet Podcastpage.io - So much easier

Get your podcast website in just a few clicks.

When you add your podcast – your site will already have your podcast content and custom pages and widgets.

It’s so simple that you won’t need more than a few minutes to publish your site. 

Create a website that grows with your podcast

While Wix is limiting your storage space and bandwidth, Podcastpage gives you unlimited episodes, custom pages, and blog posts.

You can add more than one podcast show to your website, and integrate with your favorite marketing and analytic tools.

Wix vs Podcastpage feature comparison

See why podcasters choose Podcastpage over Wix:




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