Why you Absolutely Need a Podcast Website

May 23, 2020

If you have a podcast, or planning to start one soon, and don’t have a website it by now, you should seriously consider creating a podcast website. There are countless benefits that make it really a no-brainer to create your own podcast website. While we will deep dive into those benefits throughout the article, here are a few – Owning your branded domain, engaging with your audience, and being able to provide additional different types of content like a written content, blog, images, videos, custom pages or a shop.

When you only feature your podcast in the podcast platforms, you may get many listeners but you may be missing on even more. Without a website, you are practically just a small part of the podcasting platforms. You have minimal control over your brand and audience.

Why is a podcast site so important?

There are many reasons why you may need a website for your podcast. We’ll closely look into the top 3 reasons below:

1. A main “Hub” for your brand

If you have a podcast, you probably already know that it goes way beyond the audio files. Your listeners may want to get the show-notes, read the transcript, or access media or other links you can provide as part of each episode. A dedicated website makes a significant difference, even if you put all your content aside – You can finally control your own brand. When you only include your content in the popular podcast platforms, your podcast is just one of millions out there.

Furthermore, you don’t get the credit you deserve and can’t really tell too much about your audience. A website gives you a way of expressing yourself and your brand way further. You can better interact with your audience, make it easier for your audience to share and find your podcast, you can even offer more types of content, or try to monetize it through the website.

Gone are the days of Tweeting “Find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify” when you release a new episode. You’ll be able to link directly into the site rather than promoting other platforms or sharing other links.

If you have “Series” or just more than one show, a consolidated website is a great solution to circulate listeners from one show to another.

Podcast website

2. Grow your podcast audience

Growing your podcast isn’t always easy, but a dedicated podcast site can get you closer to your goals. Many potential listeners can find your show by organically stumbling upon your website via a search engine or social networks.

Organic traffic via search engines can drive countless users to your site, and many of them can become dedicated listeners. Your site is the one place where you can easily show all of your episodes (without being limited in total the number of episodes, like in some platforms) and enable discussion or additional content, as mentioned above.
With that said, having all your episodes on your site with separate pages for each can help tremendously with Podcast SEO, and hence attract even more users to your site.

Your audience would be definitely happy if they were able to check everything on one main place. Being able to contact you directly via your site, seeing a list of all episodes, getting additional content shared solely on the website, and many more options would make a great impact.

Growing your podcast while building a website also means that each new episode you add can be the source of many potential future visitors that could find your episodes through a search.

Most importantly, direct relationship with your audience is important. Use your website to get listeners to subscribe through email/newsletter. Having control over your site means you have the direct relationship with your listeners, without any middleman.

Grow your podcast

3. Make it easier to monetize your podcast

If you already have an existing podcast with a decent amount of regular listeners/downloads, you may be certainly interested in making a business out of it. There are multiple ways to monetizing a podcast, and a website can help quite a bit with that.

(Note: We wrote an extended article about podcast monetization, it’s definitely worth reading if you want to monetize your podcast.)

There are multiple ways in which you can generate revenues from your podcast. You can obviously find sponsors or advertisement opportunities to air during the episodes. Many podcasters choose this method, but a dedicated podcast website can open up a few new opportunities for you;
With a website, you can enable a subscription or membership area and generate revenues by selling access to your podcast content directly to your listeners. There are several services that will handle all the subscription-related tasks, so you can focus on your podcast.

You can also easily enable donations and add links to donate to your podcast if you have a website. It’s easy to add a PayPal, Patreon, or even a “Buy Me a Coffee” link/button to your website.

Additionally, it’s possible to sell merchandise through your site and offer additional services. Your website is an excellent option to set up an online shop. You can sell different types of products or merchandise directly from your website.

podcast monetization

How to create a website for my podcast?

Now that you know you need a website for your podcast, you may be wondering how to create a podcast website, what it may require from you, and that’s what we’re here for.
If need the best way to create a podcast website, look no further – podcastpage.io is the right tool for you!
With Podcastpage you’ll be able to create beautiful podcast websites in minutes. It’s also packed with tons of features for podcasters and you can easily customize it. There are multiple ways of creating a website. Some website builders like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly can be intuitive to work with, but they are not built nor optimized for podcasting at all.

Podcastpage is much easier and intuitive for podcasters when comparing to the above platforms. Also, it’s much more flexible and powerful than some of the auto-created podcast websites. These are also known as “mini-sites” that you can find in some hosts. Podcastpage requires no coding or tech skills at all! Check it out and create your podcast website with Podcastpage.io today. Just add your RSS feed, change the colors, add your logo and we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting!