YouTube Website Builder

Create a website for your YouTube channel (or playlist) automatically!

A website builder for YouTube creators

If you’re a YouTuber and have some published videos, you know the hustle of promoting your YouTube channel.

Creating a dedicated website for your YouTube videos can be a great idea to expand your reach and grow your audience.

Our website builder automatically pulls all videos from your YouTube channels and playlists. You can even import multiple channels or playlists to the same website!

We then automatically sync the imported videos from YouTube, create an entry for each past and future video so they all have their own URL on your website. 

How to build a website for YouTube Channels

Our website builder is your safest bet!

1. Connect your channel

Connect your YouTube channel or playlist to import data and create the initial version of your site.

2. Choose Theme

Our professionally-designed templates work great for YouTube / video creators and podcasters.

3. Add a Domain

Use your own custom domain to attract more visitors and establish a stronger brand around your show.

Automated site

We do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your videos and content. All previous and future videos are automatically imported for you!

Flexible & unique

We support any type of embedded video – you can automatically sync with YouTube, but all other platforms are supported too

Unlimited options

Our drag & drop page editor will give you flexibility creating pages, layouts and designs for your YouTube website.

Powerful embeds

Embed videos anywhere, list multiple episodes on the same page, and still get all views counted on YouTube.

Our beautiful templates will get you started with a fabulous design so you can show off the site right away.

5 star support

While our podcast website builder is super easy to use, we’re always happy to help!

Why build a website for your YouTube content?

Grow your audience, establish a brand.

Import all your YouTube videos, channels or playlists to your site and get it synced forever!

Save time

Save precious time and focus on recording, editing, publishing and growing your show.

Own your brand

Get your channel on its own dedicated online space where you have full control.

More exposure

While YouTube may have millions of users visiting the site on a regular basis, sometimes it’s hard to get them land on your videos. 

Building a dedicated website for your YouTube channel can help get more eyeballs on your content.

YouTube statistics

When visitors play a video on your site, it’s using the YouTube embed player. They’re already familiar with its design and functionality.

Moreover, all play data and statistics is still being tracked on YouTube/

More than videos

When you run your own website, you control the content that is being displayed and feature. 

If you want to feature additional content like a blog, audio-only recordings, contact forms, comment sections etc. – this is the right spot!

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